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Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

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When you have curves on the right portions of your body you are advised to wear clothes that further enhance them so you can show them off. But what if you are just naturally petite and lack curves?

You may think that skinny girls have it easy when it comes to making fashion choices but that isn’t entirely true. Yes, they may not have a problem fitting into clothes but they do get weighed down or lost in them.

Here are a few tips for all those skinny ladies who are struggling to make the right style choices.

  • Lose the baggy clothes

It may seem like a good idea to hide your skinny figure in big baggy clothes but wearing clothes that are too big for you make you look sloppy – and like a guy. Although there is nothing wrong in being comfortable in loose, baggy clothing every now and then, don’t let it become your style statement.

Opt for tailored fits instead. Look for clothes that are made specifically for petite women. If you are not able to find them then have them tailored to fit you; learning to do it yourself at home will prevent you from spending money to have it.

  • Fake curves and volume

No this does not mean you need to rush and buy yourself padded wonder-bras, it means you need to learn how to play with curves and lines with the clothes you wear.

For example, try wearing a jumpsuit with big shoulders, fitted waist, and flowy legs. That way your shoulders and hips will appear to be wider than your waist – mimicking the curves of an hourglass shape.

The fitted waist is key to bringing some shape to your body so create outfits that enhance your small waist while adding some volume to your upper and lower body.

  • Balance your top and bottom half

Your skinny figure will be enhanced if you wear something that is too loose or too fitted from top to bottom which is why you need to balance the silhouette. Either add volume to your upper body and keep the bottom half fitted or wear a fitted shirt over more voluminous skirts or trousers.

You can wear a loose, batwing sweater over fitted trousers that give the illusion of a bulkier top-half. The loose sweater will also discreetly cover your narrow hips.

For another look, try wearing a fitted button-down shirt pairing it with wide-leg pants with a thin belt around the waist. Your waist will be enhanced and your skinny legs will be hidden under the wide-leg pants.

  • Bulk up the bust

As a skinny girl, you need to fill out the bust area with the clothes and accessories you wear. Go for clothes that have detailing along the neckline such as ruffles, ruching prints, and colors, knots, twists, and drapes.

It may be tempting to wear deep necklines but don’t wear necklines that will further emphasize the flatter chest area.

Layering is another option of bulking up your upper body while distracting the eye. You can add dimension to the bust area by putting on blazers or jackets. Ensure that they are fitted and not too chunky because they will only make you look smaller. Don’t go too crazy with the details, prints, and colors – you want to look chic, not tacky.

  • The right trousers

Trousers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As a skinny woman, you want to avoid all high-rise trousers. High-rise trousers accentuate a round rear, they aren’t meant for a small frame. You want to look for pants that add dimension to your body and give it some shape. Bootleg or flared pants work great for skinny bodies.

Stay away from skinny jeans as they only make you look thinner. Instead, go for straight cuts or cigarette pants that will give your legs some shape.

  • The right skirts and Dresses

Although you can pull off fitted skirts with looser tops, it is best for you to stay away from figure-hugging dresses.

Choose skirts and dresses that are rounded from your waist down. Look for skirts and dresses that are fitted at the waist, rounded on the hips and that become narrower at the knees, like tube or pencil skirts. You can also go for midis that cover up most of your legs while giving you some shape.

Feel free to experiment with colors, prints and accessories to create the look you are going for, just keep in mind that your upper and lower half have contrasting shapes.

Remember all bodies are beautiful, you just need to learn how to style them correctly!

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