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Fashion Speaks When It Comes To Body Sizes and Shapes

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For centuries, women have tortured, starved themselves in the hope of reaching the idea of perfect body size to be called sexy.

We can see on the Catwalk, Runways all models are showcasing all the shapes, sizes, and ages and we thought that’s healthy and natural for women. However, after the death of Brazilian models on 2006, all thin & skinny models have been banned on the catwalks and runways in favor of realistic body sizes. A totally drastic change, of course, each of us wanted to have a healthy and shall we say a perfect and sexy body. That’s why there are so many cosmetic surgeries if one wants to repair a not perfect part of her body, but, not everyone has money to undergo such procedure.

Let’s be realistic, no matter how big or small you are, you should be able to look, feel and dress like a model depending on how you carry yourself. That’s what we call fashion. With Fashion designer clothing you don’t need to preoccupy yourself by thinking you are too skinny, your butt is so big, you have a small or big breast. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Those supermodels we idolize think how many rice cake they drop. That’s why we have to be thankful to the designers who banned the skinny models and promote the healthy and a full body girl on the catwalk because they realize that fashion designer clothing comes in all different sizes, shapes, and styles. It is impossible to find a great and perfect fit, no matter what.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is curvy overall; they say this is the perfect body with a defined waist. The hips and shoulders are similar widths with a medium to large bust and this shape is often achieved by women with the help of a waist trainer. It has fleshy upper arms of average size. The legs are full at the thighs and rear, while the lower legs are slim and shapely.

If you have the hourglass shape you can wear a V-neck dress to enhance the bust and pair it with colored pants or skirt to draw the attentions upward and minimize the hips. The dark color is also flattering because it emphasizes the waistline and minimizes hips.

Triangle or Pear Shape

Women with a triangle shape have more prominent hips, thighs and rear, and less prominent shoulders and bust. They also have a defined waist and average to large legs. A woman with a pear shape body has a bust that is smaller than their lower half, and full round fleshy buttocks that are sometimes flat.
If you have the pear shape the pants are perfect because it flatters your Pear figure with wide legs that balance the wider hips and thighs. The square neckline of the top will broaden your shoulders that emphasize a defined waistline. Also, the light color draws attention upwards.

An Apple or Oval Shape

The bust, waist, and hips are similar sizes. This shape is also characterized by a small bust, slim arms and legs, an undefined waist, and square hips. Most of the weight is carried in the middle and upper torso. The legs are slender and arms are thin. The bust is larger than the hips and the buttocks are flat.

The perfect dress for an Oval shape is the asymmetrical style because it draws attention away from the midsection and the dress flatters the wide neckline that lengthens the neck detailing that draws the attention upwards. It is more awesome if you wear knee length skirts or pencil cut because it flatters the oval shapely legs.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Women with an inverted triangle shape have a full bust, waist, and upper back. They are less on the hips and have a flat rear. They also have a pronounced tummy and midriff, and slim arms and legs. They have a top-heavy appearance, with broad shoulders and a full bust. The bust is larger than the hips. The hips, thighs, buttocks and lower legs are smaller in proportion to the upper half.
If you have the inverted triangle shape boot cut pants are fabulous and chic for women because it shows the shapely legs and balances the upper and lower torso. To balance the overall look, you can wear a lighter color on the bottom.

If you have the inverted triangle shape boot cut pants are fabulous and chic for women because it shows the shapely legs and balances the upper and lower torso. To balance the overall look, you can wear a lighter color on the bottom.

The great thing now is that many designers now such as Ralph Lauren are starting to recognize the value of designing clothes that suit to all sizes, shapes, and ages. Today, no matter what’s your size and body build you will finally find beautiful, fashionable and attractive clothing that fits your needs.

Now, we don’t need to worry if we don’t have like the models size because what is necessary and the main thing is a model can convey an attitude and confidence, regardless of the size. Fashions aren’t for skinny models anymore, it is for men and women with different sizes and shapes. In fact, all of us are going through the pain of fashion and improvising

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