Falling Into Darkness by L.M. Brown

Thank you for having me here today at Divine Magazine. I think it is rather fitting that the narrator of my newest novel is the very image of divine since he is an archangel. You don’t get much more divine than that.

Of course, divine heroes aren’t much fun, for as every writer knows, flaws in a hero makes things so much more interesting.

I am a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural, which I have watched from the start and one of my favourite things about it is the fact that the angels in it are not without faults. They make bad decisions and have to suffer the consequences of their actions, just as much as the mortals. They also, at least in my opinion, in the case of one particular angel, overstep the line that Lucifer crossed all those centuries ago. I will refrain from naming the character in question, since I would hate to spoil it for someone who is playing catch-up on the show. Being in the UK and always behind in episodes, I know how awful it is to see those huge spoilers all over the internet months in advance of the show airing over here.

Like the angels in Supernatural, I wanted to make sure that my angels were flawed and perfectly capable of making mistakes too.

The angel who is the star of Falling into Darkness isn’t just any angel. This is the archangel Michael, who was first introduced in the Heavenly Sins trilogy but swiftly demanded his own story be told.

As those who have read my other stories will know, being an angel doesn’t mean having all the answers, and Michael is no exception.

During the course of his very long life, he makes many mistakes as he struggles with his feelings for Lucifer, an angel who has fallen from grace and continually tempts Michael to join him in the darkness of the Underworld, the realm of demons.

As immortal beings, there is very little physical danger for my angels and demons. They have the power to heal and are rarely in mortal peril. They can only be killed in exceptional circumstances. Instead I chose to focus on the danger to Michael’s soul as he walks the fine line between darkness and light, always struggling to balance his feelings for Lucifer with his life and duties as an archangel.

For those who believe in the eternal soul, this battle is probably more important than any physical fight. The battle for Michael’s soul isn’t the only one played out over the centuries that this story covers. Michael’s mission to save Lucifer and bring him back to the light is very much at the forefront of the story.

Lucifer, the most famous demon of all, was a powerful angel before he fell from grace and a strong theme in my story is that anyone can be saved from the darkness, at least if they truly wish to be, and are willing to step back into the light.


Their love could save the soul of a fallen angel or damn an archangel to an eternity in Hell.

The realm of angels was created as a paradise where angels could watch over the earth as mankind took his first steps. For the archangel Michael, it is the only home he has ever known and he could never envisage another life. Michael’s life changes the day his path crosses that of the favored son of the morning. From the moment he sees him, Michael wants Lucifer for his own. When the two angels come together the passion surprises them both.

Their love is forged in Heaven, but is doomed the moment Lucifer falls from grace to become the leader of an army of demons.

Separated by war, the former lovers know the time will come when they must face each other in battle.

Their confrontation will set in motion events that neither could have foreseen. For Lucifer it is the chance to persuade Michael to stand at his side, as his partner as leader of the demons. For Michael, it is a mission to save his lover’s soul, while risking his own.

Torn between his love for Lucifer and his duties as an angel, Michael walks a fine line, where one wrong step could result in his own fall from Heaven, and an eternity in Hell.

Publisher’s Note: Although this book contains characters from the Heavenly Sins series, this can be read as a standalone story.



Exclusive Excerpt from Falling Into Darkness by L.M. Brown

“Michael, I knew you’d come,” Lucifer said. “I trusted you would make the right choice.”

“Tell me this is a mistake,” Michael begged. “They say you’re barred from this realm, and that you’ve turned away from Him.”

“Barred?” Lucifer chuckled. “There are no barriers that can keep me from you.”

“And have you forsaken the light?”

“This is the new world order,” Lucifer replied. “And you have a place in it, ruling at my side.”

“I don’t want to rule anything. I never did.”

“Then I’ll rule the world and you’ll be my consort.”

Michael shook his head. “Are you even listening to yourself? What has happened to you? Why have you turned away from Him?”

“My eyes have finally been opened,” Lucifer replied. “Come with me and see for yourself.”


Lucifer held out his hand. “Michael, you know how I feel about you.”

“Do I?” Michael asked. “You’ve never spoken of your feelings. For all I know you consider me with as much contempt as you do the rest of the angels.”

“How could you think that?” Lucifer said and Michael could hear the shock in his voice. “You are everything to me. I care for you more than anyone or anything in any world.”

“Do you? Then come back to me, undo whatever you’ve done to the other fallen angels, beg forgiveness, and be restored to the light.”

“That’s not possible,” Lucifer said. “The past cannot be rewritten and each of my demons made their own choice. Only they can choose to return to what they used to be. They are not my slaves. They have the free will to make their own decisions.”

Michael had a feeling Lucifer spoke the truth, though it didn’t make it any easier to hear.

“I won’t join you,” Michael said. “I stand with the rest of the archangels.”

Lucifer’s blue eyes flashed red for a moment and Michael stepped back in horror. “You would strike against me?”

Michael raised his sword and pointed the blade at Lucifer’s throat. “I would not want to, but, if I have to, I will.”

“Such weapons cannot harm me, any more than they can you,” Lucifer said.

Michael stepped closer and let the sword nick the skin of Lucifer’s neck, drawing a tiny drop of blood. “This is no ordinary sword. It has the power to bring you down and, while it would pain me to do so, I will if I have to.”

Lucifer casually brushed the sword to the side and shook his head. “You will not harm me, Michael. Not after all we’ve shared.”

“Turn back to the light, Lucifer,” Michael begged. “Don’t leave me.”

“I’m not leaving you,” Lucifer replied. “I’m right here. All you have to do is take my hand and we’ll be together for the rest of eternity. Together, we would be formidable.”

Michael closed his eyes and blinked back the tears he didn’t want his lover to see. Lucifer was lost to him and he didn’t know how he would go on without him. For one terrifying, fleeting moment, Michael considered taking Lucifer’s hand and accepting all he had to offer.

About L.M. Brown

L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances.  She believes that there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless it is three.

When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

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Falling Into Darkness by L.M. Brown
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