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Fair Isn't Life by Kaje Harper

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States Of Love
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Kaje Harper’s first name may look exotic, but it’s pronounced just like “cage.” If she’s lost to the world reading a good book, you may have to say it a few times to get her attention. Her lifetime love affair with stories led to writing for fun at an early age, and after thirty-five years of solo scribbling, her husband convinced her it was time to try publishing. Since 2011 she has released over thirty M/M stories, including an Amazon best-selling contemporary romance and Rainbow Award novels in mystery, fantasy, and more.

Kaje loves telling stories of real, imperfect men finding love together amid all the challenges of life, but she’s also passionate about the value of Young Adult LGBTQ books for today’s teens. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her moderating the Goodreads YA LGBT Books group, trying to connect readers of all ages with books that speak to them.

You can also find Kaje on Facebook (www.facebook.com/KajeHarper) or her website (kajeharper.wordpress.com) where she may be recommending her favorite M/M books, sharing stories about LGBTQ rights and information, or perhaps showing off pictures of her absurdly sweet little white dog.

Publication Date
November 16, 2018
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epub, mobi, pdf
Luke Lafontaine survived the past year by not thinking about the father he lost, the dairy farm he couldn’t save from bankruptcy, or his way of life that vanished with the rap of an auctioneer’s hammer. Cleaning up city folks’ trash at the Minnesota State Fair is just another dead-end job. But at the Fair, surrounded by a celebration of farm life,  ambitions he’d given up on and buried deep start to revive. And seeing Mason Bell in the parade—gorgeous, gay, out-of-his-league Mason—stirs other buried dreams.

Mason left his hometown for college in Minneapolis without looking back. Student life is fun, classes are great, gay guys are easy to find, but it’s all a bit superficial. He’s at the State Fair parade route with his band when he realizes a scruffy maintenance worker is Luke, his secret high school crush. Luke should be safely home working on his dad’s farm, not picking up litter. Mason wishes he hadn’t fallen out of touch. He’s an optimist, though, and it’s never too late for second chances. Now he just has to convince Luke.


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Emotional tale.
This story is really quite different to what I am used to reading from this author, mainly, in that the MCs are quite a bit younger. Mason is emotionally young as well as chronologically, whereas Luke is old before his time, yet still incredibly innocent.
This is a really lovely, sweet, love story, despite the very sad start to the book. The relationship that develops between Luke and Mason is feel good in the extreme, and although, at times, their road is incredibly hard, you just know they are going to be happy, and successful.
Highly recommended, emotional tale.
Top 10 Reviewer 88 reviews
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