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Fabulous new men’s collection to release September 2018

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Fashion and art project My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979 will release new men`s collection set in September 2018.
First set is including made-to-order jacket and pants made of place-to-place allover printed Cotton Twill. Items will be special priced, more expensive and collectibles.
Set will be available on third week of September at My Lost Uncle`s webshop.

The theme of the collection set is POP.

1. Pop is about fun, art and fashion to cover up the harsh reality.
2. Pop is about breaking cultural boundaries and respecting diversity.
3. Pop is about copying, repeating and popping the world to the level of
an unpredictable luxury.

Collection set is dedicated to artists chimpanzee Congo and the man in shadows Richard Hambleton.

Richard Hambleton splashed dark, human size Shadow Man paintings on the walls of major cities during the early 80’s. Fashion and popular culture legends Malcolm McClaren and Vivienne Westwood collaborated with him in 1983. The result of their collaboration Witches Shadow Man Skirt is a rare and unique masterpiece, a simple combination of fashion and art.

Chimp Congo lived and worked in a cage in London Zoo. His abstract paintings were sold more than 20 times their estimate at Bonhams auction house in 2005. In the same sale a painting by pop artist Andy Warhol attracted so little interest that it had to be withdrawn.

Congo and Hambleton are good examples of the cycle of art in popular culture. They both are superstars somewhere else now, R.I.P.

Look book pictures inspired by K-pop are photographed by Kurt Mussel. K-pop is South Korean music style which is copying styles and genres around the world. K-pop has been a huge influence on fashion and trends. One not so good trend popularised by the industry was skin whitening. On the other hand the pictures are meant to criticise that kind of popular culture.

Model: Shehe from the streets of Helsinki


My Lost Uncle-MissingSince1979 is established in 2015. This fashion and art brand is specialized in men’s printed fashion products and produces non seasonal collection sets several times in a year. Brand collaborates with small factories and workshops in Finland and USA.

The concept is a mix of independent fashion and the art of freedom. Garments and accessories are inspired by the forgotten memories, bizarreness of Northern Hemisphere, the popular culture and especially various stereotypes of modern man.

Previous collection sets from My Lost Uncle, for example Paul Goes To Hollywood(2018) has been spotted internationally on several blogs and magazines such as Boy Culture, Boner, Macho and MGT. Los Angeles based Tom of Finland Store sold Hustler White Unidentified(2017) and it was also ordered to Barcelona, Athens, Beijing, Stockholm and Helsinki to name a few big cities.

POP will be My Lost Uncle`s third internationally released collection.

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