Explore The Seasons With Future Moons Debut EP – Set For Release Today May 22nd

Inspired By Nature, The Seasons EP Takes In The Beauty Of Each Season.

Future Moons will release the brand new track ‘Golden’ today May 22nd as the second installment of their Seasons EP – released on the same date.

‘Golden’ began as a journal entry that vocalist & lyricist Kota Wade wrote when inspired by the golden light of Summer coming over the tops of the Southern Californian mountains.

Quickly turning to lyrics & melodies, bandmate Tommy Oleksyn sprinkled in deamy guitar lines that are freshly infused with 70s nostalgia – the modern landscape shining a fresh & organic perspective.

Future Moons are Kota Wade & Tommy Oleksyn, a meeting of two deeply creative minds that blend haunting vocals, swelling melodies & spacey guitars.

Future Moons Seasons EP Cover Art

Stream Future Moon Seasons EP

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