Exercises and Healthy Diet is the Cure for Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a bone condition that results in fragile and weak bones in women and the elderly. This disease develops gradually over several years and can be detected when a sudden impact or a minor fall causes bone fracture. The common injuries that people suffering from osteoporosis get are:

  • Hip fractures
  • Vertebrae/spinal bones fractures
  • Wrist fractures

Reported cases of fractures caused by osteoporosis total to 8.9 million fractures annually. This means that every 3 seconds, there is someone who gets a fracture. Research has shown that 20% of men and 33% of women are at risk of getting fractures resulting from osteoporosis.

Bone mass is important as it prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis in adults. There are three factors that are crucial for bone density and these are genetics, gender and age. For adult women to have stronger bones, it is recommended that they take 46 grams of proteins daily. Pregnant women are advised to take 71 grams of proteins daily.  However, the protein intake will vary depending on the physical activities that one engages in. The key sources of proteins are yoghurt, milk, and cheese. These products are ideal because they contain other nutrients and minerals such as calcium which are vital for the body to function.

The importance of proteins in the body

Proteins aid in reproduction, repair and formation of every type of cell in the body. Proteins also keep the bones strong and boost the body’s immune system. They also help in regulating fluid balance and keeping the liver healthy as they eliminate ammonia, which is a waste product produced by the body.

New scientific research has led to the discovery of some fascinating mysteries regarding osteoporosis. Bone density is not just measured by strength alone. This means that we cannot measure the bone quality by quoting numerical values only.  Studies have also shown that Vitamin K2 considerably lowers the chances of bone fracture without raising bone density. Other studies have confirmed that women increase their chances of developing breast cancer by more than 200% when they take drugs and elemental calcium.

Several research firms have approved findings released by the Journal of the American Medical Association 1996 which showed that women who have extremely high mineral density are twice as much at risk of getting breast cancer. The risk of developing heart attacks also increases in women who report consumption of elemental calcium.

Broccoli is a food that can be used to battle osteoporosis in people of all ages and it is loaded with lots of anti-oxidants crucial for fighting cancer. Broccoli balances the body pH, lowers cholesterol levels, enhances eye health and strengthens bones. This vegetable is recommended for various illnesses and it also works as preventive medicine.

Physical activity and good nutrition plays a crucial role in boosting bone strength. A scientific study was conducted on the positive effects of yoga and strength of bones. This data was collected for 10 years and showed an increased bone density in the femur and spine for more than 200 participants who took part in the recommended yoga exercises. Improvements in balance and posture resulting from yoga can be protective against osteoporosis.

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