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Exclusive interview with Rock and Pop performer Wicked Witch

We’d like to introduce you to Recording Rock and Pop Artist, Model and Actor, Wicked Witch who has stunned red carpets, industry events and music studios alongside rock legends such as Alice Cooper, Davey Oberlin (Korn), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), and much more. He’s also a selected ambassador for the internationally acclaimed designer, Sue Wong and will be launching a jewelry line created by celebrity designers who have worked with Johnny Depp amongst others.

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Witch recently launched the Wicked Witch Foundation, which is designed to be a vehicle of positive community impact by inspiring, guiding and providing resources to aspiring entertainers in order to empower them within the arts, media and entertainment industry. Through the Wicked Witch Foundation, he’s offering high school and college students opportunities to experience the industry first-hand through networking events, red carpet experiences, and much more.

 We were thrilled to catch up with him recently and had the opportunity of asking him some questions about his music, his future ambitions and his foundation

First, however, we need to know some of his deepest, darkest secrets…

 Do you have a cherished childhood teddy-bear, or stuffed animal still?

I don’t have a childhood teddy-bear or stuffed animal but I do cherish my WWE Wrestling action figures

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni, Pineapple, Barbecue Chicken

What is your most essential appliance?

Most definitely my Refrigerator!

If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?

Frog and Fish. It will be called Frogish!

How do you prefer your eggs?


Thanks for being a sport and answering these! Now on to the more serious ones

thumbnail 27Tell us more about your foundation. It sounds like a wonderful venture. Organizations aimed at helping the community are always welcome in today’s turbulent times.

Wicked Witch Foundation is designed to be a vehicle of positive community impact by inspiring, guiding and providing resources within the arts, media and entertainment industry

 How do you balance your time between music, acting and modeling and now being a part of your foundation?

I work on music for a few hours then practice short scenes. Then I practice different poses. My Foundation means a lot to me because it’s all about Providing Resources.

You’ve worked along with some great names, and we’re sure you have some wonderful stories to tell. If you could do one duet with an artist of your dreams, who would it be with?

Michael Jackson

Can you tell us a little more about the jewelry line you’ll be launching? Is there any specific inspiration you have in creating the pieces you want to create?

My Jeweler Darren Simonian creates my Jewelry for Rock Stars such as Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and many more. Darren is currently working on my Wicked Witch Jewelry that will launch this year

 What advice would you have for anyone launching themselves into music, or creative career?

Keep God With You


Your new single ‘Molly’ has recently launched, produced by Davey Oberlin from Korn – tell us more about this song and what made you write it.

The message in The “Molly” Music Video will tell it all… I wanna hear what the people think

Thanks for popping and telling us a bit about yourself, Witch 😊

Where to find the new single and more about Witch

Download “Molly” by Wicked Witch on iTunes here:

Stream “Molly” by Wicked Witch on Spotify here:

Follow Wicked Witch on IG @IAmWickedWitch

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