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Excitingly new and innovative electronic music with a freakish twist

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Take Kraftwerk add the flair of Prince….A new twist on Electronic Music, a sound not heard before. Phantom Electric Ghost & Josephine Electric bring you what is truly anomalous flavoured music.

They take you back to the early days of Prince, KraftWerk, Erasure, Berlin and the other great synth pop bands but with a twist… giving you the music hard: the Pop, the Electronica, slam in with some EDM that is a pulsating erupting rock-tronica climax! Phantom Electric Ghost & Josephine Electric truly stand out from the rest of the musical pack! With a Plethora of music being released by this Neo Synth Pop Band there is always some cutting edge and diverse to download or stream. The music’s distinctive energy and twisted dubby vocals, clever synth stabs, a house roller that builds adding layers upon layers will make your body shake and your ears an orgasmic experience

The who…what …why of P.E.G. & J.E. (via the artist)

Who is Phantom Electric Ghost?

Keith David Gittens-Jones aka Phantom Electric Ghost releasing new genre of Electronic Dance Music. Keith David Gittens-Jones is an African American independent musician and Information Technology professional. A resident of Concord NH, he currently is an IT Business Analyst working in Boston MA as a consultant.

What is Phantom Electric Ghost? 

Phantom Electric Ghost is an electronic music band. This band is my personal means of expressing sounds and concepts that have been within me for many years. A Cancer survivor who overcame a level 3 Sarcoma in 1997. This life altering experience prompted me to double down on writing music as a passion and serious pursuit. Since then I have composed over 700 compositions. Erik Martin a native of Portsmouth NH has recently joined the band as guitarist and performs with me live on new recordings.

What is Expansive Sound Experiments Music?

Expansive Sound Experiments Music is the Gittens-Jones family business that supports Phantom Electric Ghost

My wife and daughter are artists and they provide support, which includes, editorial critique, graphic art and photographic contributions to all aspects of Phantom Electric Ghost as a commercial enterprise.

Why Phantom Electric Ghost?

Music is my passion I have been creating Expansive Sound Experiments instrumental soundscapes (Sound Paintings) since I was 16 years old. I started with a Casio CZ101 then I graduated to a Roland D5 Multi Timbral Synthesizer. I used a Korg sequencer in combination with a Tascam 4 track recorder to create instrumental soundscapes. In the 2012 updated to a Roland Juno Gi with a digital audio recorder and utilized Sound Cloud to share my Expansive Sound Experiments with the world. In 2016 I introduced vocals via my alter egos Josephine Electric and Phantom Electric Ghost. The soundscapes transitioned to EDM songs with vocals and song structures. My band name is Phantom Electric Ghost which is subtle nod to Ray Bradury’s “I Sing the Body Electric”. Ghosts in machines and the concept that spirits or phantoms are made of electricity are the philosophies behind the Phantom Electric Ghost

Check out Phantom Electronic Ghost music via the links

Spotify – Something Wicked

Spotify – Indigo Menace

Spotify- Synesthesia Neo Soul Sweet Surrender

Find him on Spotify Apple Music and iTunes. Follow on Facebook and Twitter @tuccokeith for updates and exclusive photos along with new songs

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