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Stole My Breath
Written by a relatively new author, Every Breath You Take is a roller coaster of a book, evoking strong emotions on both the positive and the negative. Who could ask for more?  The book is in the third person past tense POV, and it contains characters with brilliant personalities, flaws that make them real, and descriptions that provide mind candy to place the characters within.
Thomas is very passive-aggressive through much of the book, but as his past is revealed fairly early on, it instantly becomes less annoying and more a trauma reaction that creates a stronger connection to him.  Two years isn’t that long a time from a trauma, and his fears are valid, despite how much he wants Zachary.
For his part, Zachary is the proverbial country mouse in the big city, stars in his eyes and finally in a place that his conservative religious upbringing can be set aside to allow him to really be himself.  Experiencing so many firsts, Zachary is a fresh, sweet breath of air to the cynical nature of Washington, D.C.
The angst created as Thomas fights with himself, and the acceptance of Zachary to step back and give the man time to decide was wonderful to read.  I enjoyed that there are different dates Zachary goes on at Thomas’s suggestion, that he isn’t just pining away for or pushing Thomas to accept him.
The secondary characters are many and varied, and they create a well-rounded world full of vibrancy and flaws.  No one is flawless, and I really liked that the author added that aspect.
The chemistry is absolutely sizzling, palpable from the first look they share, and that parlays into intimate scenes that you need a fan on you to read!  
Then there is the mystery/suspense aspect.  What a ride!  I love mystery and suspense, and I was thrilled that my initial conclusion was way off point.  The POV of the killer is chilling to the core, making me cringe more than once from just his thoughts, let alone his actions.  Phenomenal writing!
I wasn’t sure in the beginning how I felt about it, but by about a third of the way in, I was absolutely entranced, and then the end came way too fast.  I wanted more.  I still want more.  EBYT is just the author’s second book, and I’m hooked!  I eagerly anticipate whatever he publishes next.  Five solid stars for this incredible novel, and many, many recommendations that you pick it up to find yourself an author you’ll love!
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