Eugenia Post Meridiem reveals sophomore album like i need a tension

- a celebration of sound

Written by Divine Magazine

The moment we’ve been carefully awaiting has finally arrived. After three sensational single releases, spanning across nine weeks, the time has come for the remaining pieces of the puzzle to fall into place, forming a rather magnificent musical masterpiece.

Eclectic Italian quartet Eugenia Post Meridiem are ready to reveal their sophomore full-length record, the gloriously kaleidoscopic, dazzling celebration of sound like i need a tension is available everywhere now.

Demonstrated over eight tracks, the all encompassing, musical odyssey, like i need a tension features initial single ‘willpower’; which burst across our radar with lashings of personality, and became the introduction to the now familiar Indie outfit. Next up was the punchy and fearless ‘around my neck’ and last but by no means least came the intriguing, alluring ‘whisper’, the calm before the sophomore album storm. 

Gifted with a further five previously unheard gems, listeners certainly have plenty to sink their teeth into. With focus track ‘crucial spring’ traversing the spectrums of shadow, the progressive and percussive ‘unchained will’, the slow voluminous ballad ‘ocean flows’ and the infectious, chaotic energy of ‘tiny perspectives’ and ‘mazes of gazes’. Oozing with iridescence, flavour and texture, there’s something to suit all manners of music fans.

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