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Erasing All Doubt: Alpha's Rule The Beginning 0.5 by Sharon Johnson

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Erasing All Doubt: Alpha's Rule The Beginning 0.5 by Sharon Johnson

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Book Series
Doubt (Book 0.5)
About the Author
Sharon Johnson is the pen name for this natural born story teller. The youngest of five, I learned the art of creating tales early that had my parents often wondering if my adventures were real. Born and raised in New York City, I spent most of my after school hours curled up with a book. A former United States Marine I've been told I have a quick wit and a vocabulary that make most sailors blush. Since my retirement from federal service I spend my days as an ordinary housewife. If by ordinary you mean a heavily tattooed, pierced, fiery red-head. I now reside in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with my husband, four children, two dogs, and two cats. I set out every day to prove that you can never have too much on your plate if you love what you do. Mostly I'm a believer in love, no matter what form or package you find it in. I specialize in M/M Romance with Alpha males who are complex and flawed but are willing to fight for their HEA. But I never shy away from any kind of pairing. Word of mouth is vital for any author. If you enjoyed my books please leave a review where you purchased it, on Goodreads, in my review section, and please post it on your social media site. I spend most of my nights writing or lurking on social media but I would love to hear from you. Don't forget to join my newsletter for sneak peeks and more. 
Publication Date
January 08, 2016
This is book 0.5 in the series.  However, it contains gobs of spoilers for book one in the series, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, so do read that book first!!
Eighty six thousand, four hundred seconds. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes. Twenty four hours. One day. In his twenty five years of life DeMatteo Santiago had often taken for granted how much could change in a single Day. 
 When DeMatteo crawled into bed at 10:30 pm on May 7th, 1980 there was no way of knowing how the next twenty four hours would forever alter his life. As a young Alpha lion shifter DeMatteo has left his pride, in search of his mate, and a pride of his own. But the fates have been conspiring for centuries to lead him to this precise moment in time. 
 May 8 1980, 10:30 pm, a moment in time that will forever change the life of Matthew (DeMatteo) Santiago. Facing the challenges of being the new Alpha of the largest pride in the United States, DeMatteo must find a way to lead in the face of his own personal tragedy. 

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Beginnings and Filling in the Holes
This prequel to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt details the deaths of DeMatteo’s parents and how he came to be the alpha of this lion shifter pride.  It also introduces the reader to the shifter with whom DeMatteo has a fifteen year long relationship, an abused man named Hugh.  It is here that I started having issues.  Hugh had some kind of horrid past in his pride in Ireland, but it is simply referenced in vague terms for the majority of the book.  By the time the details were revealed, I was pretty much past caring, I must admit.
This novella provides a great many details that fill in the holes contained in Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, so it is necessary for full understanding of book one.  That said, characters are only really glimpsed, and I couldn’t really connect with them.  I did enjoy getting a stronger understanding of the human coven, and it gave me greater empathy for what happens with Hugh when DeMatteo calls things off.  DeMatteo and Hugh have strong chemistry, and that added points for this novella, as well.  If you do or have read book one, you will want to read this to truly understand and fill in the plot holes. 
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