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Ensnared, by Clare Solomon: Release Day Review
Books EW Elaine White May 19, 2020 408
Intriguing Sci-Fi Mystery
POV: 3rd person, dual POV

With intrigue, mystery and romance in the air, nothing in smooth sailing in Ensnared, the second book in the Detectives in Space series, from Clare Solomon. The picks up right where Book 1 left off, with death, murder, and mysterious events aboard the Prince Detective Agency spaceship.

As before, I loved the mystery and how twisted the plot of the investigation was. It kept me guessing all throughout the novel, never sure of where it was going, or who was at fault. I did pick up a few clues and guess a few things, as I went along, but the eventual reveal was a nice surprise. There was a lot of that going on – mysteries not fully solved until the last minute.

And this series is another one of those mysteries. The books lead from one into the next, with the case resolved in each book, but the chemistry, the tension between characters and their backgrounds still an resolved mystery by the end of each book. With each installment of the series, we learn a little bit more. Book 1 introduced us to Reese's true purpose aboard The Prince; Book 2 tells us more about his background. Now, what I really want to know is the truth of Nick and Poppy's past, and see a little more between Nick and Reese than a kiss.

The chemistry built in a slow burn in Book 1, between Nick and Reese. At the time, Reese was under strict orders, and it made sense when they didn't progress into a relationship with each other. Reese was firmly planted in the Captain's cabin, for one. Now, with the Captain gone, it was the perfect time for Reese to make his move...except circumstances got in the way. The case took precedence, and rumours emerged as to his true past, thanks to an old acquaintance who made a perfect villain. So, be prepared. If you were expecting some hot stuff going on here, you'll be disappointed. It takes 87% just for them to kiss, but...while I would have loved more and was rooting for more, I much preferred the story taking precedence and spending that focus on an interesting plot.

When it comes to the side characters, I still don't like Poppy, which is fine. I have no incentive to like or love her, so I don't mind about that. I loved Tanya, who was a mystery from the start, right from her first appearance in Book 1 to the end of Book 2. The twists around Tanya were brilliant, and I loved them. I love her. I can't wait to see more of her.

Downfalls? There were still some editing issues, BUT they were much less than the previous book, and I absolutely acknowledge that the book is an ARC, so things may be changed before publication. Which, I have high hopes for, because this is a great series, and I'm now firmly rooted in the author's style. I'm excited to get more books by Clare Solomon, to further explore their ability to create intricate worlds and good story pacing. It's refreshing to see an author put the story before the romance.


Favourite Quotes

“The idea made sense but it wouldn't have occurred to him: Nick's sharp mind was both impressive and sexy.”

“It was time to find out the truth about the death of Baltid Athens and he wondered uneasily who amongst the crew of The Prince would turn out to be the man's murderer.”
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