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Enrapture by Pierce Smith

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On their first Halloween eve, together things didn’t quite go as planned for two very passionate and horny men. Noah waits anxiously and impatiently for Ethan to get home from work to start their night of sexy fun.

Noah discovers a man is watching him through the window across the street. When Ethan phones to let him know he’s caught in the traffic, the fun starts with phone sex. Shortly after, a masked Ethan arrives for the Halloween night of fun. But a knock at the door later has left Noah wondering who he just made love to.

They find themselves dealing with a few twists in this debut book of an erotic MM series. It’s one-night tale with twist and turns, with lust wrapped in suspicion. A hot read will be having you beg for more!

Enrapture by Pierce Smith

Enrapture by Pierce Smith

(Noah Series, #1)

Halloween, M/M, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Ghosts, Thriller

Kindle Edition, 73 pages

★ Amazon US  ★ Amazon UK  ★ Amazon CA  ★ Amazon AU

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“You are so beautiful,” caressing his cheekbones he whispered and then biting the tip of his nose.

“Ding-dong, Ding-dong, Ding-dong, Ding-dong,”

Noah chuckled, “Tonight, the stars have planned to tease us,”

Ethan devastatingly rested his head on Noah’s shoulder. “Can’t we fuck him together?” Noah chuckled and tried to slip out of his hold but Ethan tightened his grip, “No way,”

“Okay,” saying this he remained as such under him, looking at the ceiling from his shoulder.


“Let me,” saying this Noah slithered from under his body from downside, expanding his legs. However, as Noah’s face reached to his loins Ethan pressed his dick over his face.

“I said no,” his plea was mixed.

“Don’t be a bull,” chewing his balls with his lips Noah groaned. Feeling the pain in his balls, Ethan immediately pulled his loins up and Noah slipped perfectly out of it. Getting on his elbows he spanked his ass, “You naughty ass, I’m coming in a second,” and Noah ran towards his boxer.

Ethan turned to take hold of him again, but Noah was out of his reach. “Shit,” in anger he slammed his palm against the pillow.

Chuckling Noah slid his boxer up, “Holy shit,” he mimicked him. Adjusted his cock and showed him his fully erect cock, “Coming in a second, honey,” and he opened the bedroom door.


“Return now,” Ethan, shouted in command, but Noah ignoring his words, Noah ran towards the main door.


Ethan watched Noah going away from him toward the main door.


“Yeah, Yeah. I’m here,” Noah, whispered sliding down the door’s bolt.

But the person at the door was equally impatient. “Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong…”

He opened the door and to hide his anger, he carried a smile on his lips. At the same time, his body froze after seeing the person standing at the door. The smile on his lips was lost in fear and surprise, the blood in his veins chilled. Noah felt like someone buried him under a glacier. He found Ethan at the door smiling devilishly. Ethan shouts, “Where were you?” stretching his hand, he pulls Noah towards him. He presses his lips over Noah’s, but Noah was unresponsive. He caressed his lips with his thumb, “What’s up, babes? Are you still angry or did you invite that toy in the house in my absence,” and he giggled wolfishly on his lips. Kissing Noah again, softly and lovingly. “I always miss these soft tempting lips,”

Noah was frozen like a dead body, he whispered on his lips, “Ethan? My Ethan?” Awestruck and scared, he was speechless… the same color suit, cuffs, and that mask swinging in his hand. Noah scanned the mask carefully; it was the same as the one on the face of the Ethan with whom he was playing inside on the bed. He touched it softly and felt the darts and decoration on his fingertips. Ethan, feeling he is playing with the mask, kissed Noah’s fingers by taking them in his hands.

“You like it, babes,” Ethan murmured on his fingertips. “I brought them from the toy shop outside, where your toy was teasing you. And these cuffs too,” he showed him the cuffs in his other hand.

Mesmerized, Noah looked back at his mask, and then at his blue eyes, which were scanning Noah’s shocked face. Ethan’s cunning eyes were saying what he has planned for the night. Noah fell on his shoulder and immediately Ethan took a hold of him, “Babes, are you alright?” by spreading his hand around his naked shoulder. “Aren’t you feeling cold? Seems you may have masturbated too much in my absence?” giggling, he nuzzled his head.

Speechless Noah was in his embrace, shockingly looking at his face, and thinking about what happened a moment before. Breathless, Noah raised his hands to touch him, and at the same time, Ethan lifted him in his arms, as Noah had seemingly invited. Noah realized this Ethan is as real as much as the Ethan that came to the door a few hours back. His heart was racing. Ethan probably thought it’s because of him. ‘Yes, it’s because of you, but because of which Ethan? First Ethan or this Ethan. Holy shit!’

The erection of Noah’s cock had gone static and it was standing as if it had seen a ghost. Ethan walked towards the bedroom and Noah was looking straight at his face, which was glowing with desire. They went in. The bedroom was fresh as if nothing had happened, no one had ever entered it. Even the air lacked the musk of sex.

“Someone save me now!” Noah screamed in panic.

“What happened darling?” Ethan nuzzled his lips on his head without the most care. And he made him sit on the bed.

“I was having a sex with you here a moment before… I mean with him…,” Noah babbled in fear and sat holding Ethan at his waist, burying his face into his stomach.

“With whom?” Ethan spoke softly, caressing his hair.

“With you, fucking hell. With you,” he screamed.

“Me?” Now for the first time, Ethan was surprised.

“Yeah. With you. Now the room is empty! Holy crap, are you trying to mock me along with your friend?”

“Have you gone mad? What the hell are you talking about?” controlling his shock Ethan spoke.

“I’ll kill both of you.”

“Don’t play with me, I know what you want. Today is Halloween and you want to scare the shit out of me,” By then Ethan threw him on the bed, like earlier, and jumped on him. Kisses and kisses, lips, cheeks, neck and nowhere was left untouched by his lusty hot lips and tongues. Impassively Noah laid as Ethan was fulfilling his all delayed cravings. He embraced him tighter and started kissing and eating him out. Both were moaning, Ethan slid his hand in his boxer and started mashing his dick, “Why are so lethargic today?” Noah was only moaning in response.

Then there was a sudden noise at the corner of the room, as someone moaned huskily. Interrupted by that sudden noise, Ethan turned, and Noah craned his neck to see in the corner. There they found a hazy shadow looking at them, straight at them. Ethan felt cold hands on his back and realized it was Noah, who was holding him in fear. Ethan grabbed his hand back as he too was cold in fear.

Ethan saw himself looking at him from the corner of the room. Noah, being in shock, was still and silent. The excitement, erection, and fun with Ethan were lost. Sluggish, he sat over Noah without thinking whether he could bear his heavyweight. Noah moved from under him after some time and patted his ass to move over. Shocked, Ethan slid over him slightly and sat beside him on the bed, still with one leg stretched over his tummy, which was moving up and down, rapidly breathing in fear.

By this time, Noah was clear which his original Ethan is, but he wasn’t sure yet who the another one is. That hazy shadow of Ethan was still staring at Noah, directly into his eyes. Noah felt like the poor prey of a wolf that is looking at him just before being attacked. Hypnotized, he was seduced by the dark, deep green eyes looking at him from behind the mask. As he felt the hazy shadow step towards him, them, he immediately took hold of Ethan’s hand sitting beside him. This made the shadow stop in his tracks.

Noah’s heart started pumping heavily as he saw the smiling lips and wolfish gestures on the satisfied face of an unsatisfied soul. He opened his mouth to speak but by the time he blinked, the shadow Ethan had disappeared. It was a sudden action, neither of them could understand, what, how, and who did it.

Noah looked on the ground where he had been standing and found his mask. He turned back to Ethan who was still static, breathless, like a dead body over him. He clapped his hands to regain his consciousness but Ethan had gone dumb. Noah shook his shoulder. Ethan returned to reality and looked at Noah in amazement. Hesitantly Noah slid Ethan’s leg from over his tummy and crawled towards the mask. Bending he took it in his hand, touched it, it was as real as the Ethan playing with his, hours before was. Taking it in his hand, he turned towards Ethan on the bed.

“You are mine, and I’ll return,” a husky tone whispered in his ear. Scared, he turned back but there was no one. Noah shivered in fear and…anticipation.


Meet Pierce Smith

I’m young little naughty, sexy and erotic author. Looking forward to meeting new people and readers across the globe. Feel free to add me on my facebook profile, hang out around my fan pages (facebook, twitter) for fun.

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Twitter: @SmithPierceAuth

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