Emily Myers Releases Empowering New Single ‘Ain’t Gonna Be Mine’

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Country music singer/songwriter Emily Myers recently released her newest single called “Ain’t Gonna Be Mine.”

With relatable lyrics like we all have regrets, choices we’ve made, we all have that someone we let get away, “Ain’t Gonna Be Mine” is sure to resonate with anyone who has gone through a breakup.

“My latest single Ain’t Gonna Be Mine describes the moment after a breakup when you finally remember who you are again,” Emily explains. “You are past the point of feeling sad and you start to remember your own worth. To me, that moment is the most important part of the healing process. The lyrics of this song are empowering and help with moving on. The song refuses to let the person who broke your heart be the one that got away. They will not be your biggest regret in life, they will not be a mistake that you made in your past, and the best part is – it is your choice. This song is a little reminder that only you can decide who and what is going to have power over your life.”

Listen to the song here https://songwhip.com/emilymyers/aint-gonna-be-mine

About Emily Myers

Heartfelt vocals coalesce with a keen sense of imaginative storytelling, forming the backdrop to Emily Myers’ captivating Country/Americana sound. These visceral elements have been pivotal to Emily’s success, as she’s graced many stages across the U.S.  

Hailing from Jefferson City, her upbringing nurtured her musical talents. Her vocal palette is wide and far-ranging, and is known to traverse styles all the way from Country-Pop to more singer/songwriter style piano ballads. Deeply rooted in her music is the art of storytelling, focusing on the themes of self-discovery, love, faith and lessons we encounter throughout life.  

While the world ebbs and flows, music has been a constant in Emily Myers’ life. Her musical curiosity led her to take piano, voice, dance and guitar lessons at an early age, before discovering a passion for musical theatre. During her studies in opera and theatre at Oklahoma City University, she soon discovered her true calling in the craft of songwriting. It was not long before Emily was playing original songs to friends, and was hooked on the feeling of spreading and affecting positivity. 

Emily’s newest single, ‘Unwrite Every Song,’ was released on May 13, 2022 and is the title track to an EP that will follow later this year. This song questions if you would rather not have the negative experiences of heartbreak and grief in life even if it means there wouldn’t be inspiration for the songs written. It is a song that perfectly represents who Emily is in this season of writing and highlights both the detailed, hope-filled storytelling and the soaring vocals that define her music. 

This music follows ‘Bare Feet,’ her debut single released on Labor Day weekend, Friday, Sept. 4, 2020. It was followed by two more singles, ‘Skyline’ and ‘Wallflower,’ in the following months, with all three tracks perfectly capturing the mood and style that Emily Myers manifests in her productions.

Emily has embarked on a new business venture (started last year), writing custom songs for everyday people. She has written songs celebrating their biggest milestones from weddings to graduations to anniversaries and all the intimate, beautiful moments in between. 

Additionally, Emily competed in the WAJ Competition & Immerse Competition, was a featured songwriter in Project21 concert series, and is also a professional worship leader.

For more information, visit www.emilymyersmusic.com and follow Emily on FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitterSpotify and Apple Music

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