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so deliciously short!
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Security detail Anais is going solo and is protecting Delegate Savea, But Anais is more than just a bodyguard, she has a keen mind, and is very well versed on the other delegates and their trade agreements. Savea makes use of Anais' mind and her body. An attempt on Savea's life makes her take drastic measures to keep Anais.

Short, so deliciously short! 41 pages, 45 minutes, but it carries a lot of weight. 

Often, in these short stories, a lot is missing: character development, history and the like, but I found this one to have just enough. Just enough to keep me engrossed, enough to leave me interested n these people and their world, enough to have me hunting on Goodreads and Amazon to find out if they have any more books. And enough to leave me sad because I couldn't find any!

Savea makes full use of Anais' mind, and body, using Anais' invisibility to her full advantage. But equally, Anais makes use of Savea's body too, doing all manner of enjoyable things to Savea under the table!

One thing stopped it from getting 5 stars, even for such a short book. Single. Person. Point. Of. View! I wanted to hear from Savae, of course I did, I always want more but Savea has a lot to say and only Anais is given a voice. I wanted to know what Savea thought of Anais on that first meeting, how she felt about being with a woman after being married, about her attraction to Anais, about how she felt at the news of her father and why she did what she did for Anais at the end.

It is, in my opinion, a perfect introduction to these two women and what they have to deal with, WILL have to deal with from now on. I really hope the author will write more of them.

4 solid stars

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