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Elf on the Beach by TJ Nichols

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Elf on the Beach by TJ Nichols

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A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package "Sleigh Ride".
Roone Sorley is an elf on a mission. He has one year to live in the mortal world and experience everything it has to offer before deciding if he is going to return to the North Pole and immortality or stay and become human. Christmas in Australia is all sun, sand, and surf. For Kyle Morgan, that means lots of tourists wanting to learn how to surf, but he hates Christmas. This time of year always reminds him about the family he doesn’t have.With the clock ticking and only days left, Roone plans on making the most of the heat and the beach and his hot surfing instructor. Beyond that he has no idea what he wants. However with a little magic, he might be able to give Kyle exactly what he needs.

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Unexpected Christmas magic
(Updated: December 02, 2015)
Christmas short stories abound at this time of year and they're great to put you in the festive spirit. Elf on the Beach by TJ Nichols is a unique take on the traditional Christmas story. Firstly it is set in Australia so of course the weather is warm and there's surfing rather than skiing, and secondly one of the MC's isn't human...

Kyle Morgan is a surfing instructor who has long rejected the idea of Christmas magic. After the death of his parents and a series of not very nurturing foster homes Kyle has come to expect nothing but disappointment on Christmas Day. None of his wishes came true and finding school shoes or supplies in his Christmas stocking was far from the joyous experience other children had. As an adult he doesn't do Christmas. It's just another lonely, meaningless day. 

Roone Sorely is an elf on a one year sabbatical from the North Pole. During this time he must decide whether to return to the North Pole as an elf or remain in this realm as a human. He knows Santa doesn't exist, but that there are elves moving among us, spreading magic and joy, at Christmas. The problem for Kyle is that you must believe in magic for it to happen.  

When Roone decides to take surfing lessons from Kyle, sparks fly. Kyle isn't interested in a short term hook up with a guy he's just met but Roone has a way of getting under his skin and perhaps there's more to him than meets Kyle's jaded eyes. Will Roone be able to make Kyle believe in magic? Will he decide to stay in the human world or return to his magical realm of ice and snow and wishes that do come true? Only time and a dash of Christmas magic will tell. 

Elf on the Beach is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It'll add a dash of mystical to your holiday reading, and put a smile on your face as Kyle and Roone find their own unique HEA. 
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