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Eka June shares her enchanting new release NeedU

French born vocalist, Eka June returns with her forthcoming soulful and melodic release ‘NeedU’ – an honest and relatable Jazz and Hip Hop influenced track that seeks to explore her artistic vision and the inner battle to get her art to come alive.

Born Marion Monsegur, the message of starting on a personal level when it comes to how we go about resolving issues is portrayed on the track, through the use of Soul, Jazz, Pop and Hip Hop elements, perfectly portraying her persona as a solo artist overall.

“The lyrics were inspired by a communication issue between two people and the difficulty to handle conflicts that are coming our way without losing emotional control,” she explains. “There is definitely a philosophical approach to this song, taking words and expression as a representation of who we are and how we feel.”

As a young adult, a love for artists such as Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill grew along with her growth as an artist – all of which are women who have contributed to her talents as a songwriter. Continuing to find inspiration in her own personal life experiences when it comes to song content, ‘Needu’ continues to act as a therapeutic act in the closing of emotional chapters in her life.

Following the positive reception to ‘Sweet Soul’, the rising artist looks ahead to the release of her forthcoming EP of the same name. With her Jazz influences combined with Hip Hop grooves in tow, she’s set to be a name not to forget on the Contemporary London music circuit.

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