Easy Ways To Build an Outfit That Stands Out

Written by Felicia Priedel

While you might see others around you and think your style lacks flair, you can fix that by changing the way you dress. Changing up your style doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new wardrobe; however, you might need a few new items to add to your arsenal. With that in mind, dive into a few easy ways to build an outfit that stands out.

Statement Shoes

Many people look at your shoes, even if you don’t think so. Whether you prefer animal prints, florals, or something a little stronger, your shoes can significantly impact your overall appearance. Therefore, glittery heels or cow print booties are an excellent way to make a statement.

Splash of Color

Even if vibrant colors aren’t your cup of tea, there are ways to add bright colors to your outfit that don’t make you look like a traffic cone. The key to making vivid colors work in your favor is to pair one or two items of the same bright color with other neutral-colored clothing items. If you feature too many colors at once, you might stand out but not for the right reason.

Play With Proportions

While you might think that each clothing article in your outfit has to fit you the same way, a great ensemble is quite the opposite. For example, you don’t have to pair cut-off shorts with a t-shirt or tank; instead, you can wear an oversized blouse or off-the-shoulder sweater for a distinguished look that will turn heads.

Outfit proportions are more than just tight or baggy clothes; consider pairing different textures together or playing around with thick and light materials.

The primary purpose of fashion is to express yourself, so feel free to showcase your unique personality with no shame. Adding a chic touch to your style doesn’t have to be complicated. Choosing a few items out of your comfort zone to cycle into your existing wardrobe is an easy way to build an outfit that stands out.

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