Easy Ways To Add Flavor to Your Holiday Meals

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If you’re looking ahead and plan to host your family this holiday season, you already know that preparing the entire meal is a great responsibility. There’s usually at least one person that looks forward to everything you prepare. But when you prepare the same stuff every year, you might feel like it’s time to change things up a bit.

Here are some easy ways to add flavor to your holiday meals that might get everyone talking!

Fruit Sauces

One of the best ways to use fruit before it goes bad is by creating a warm fruit sauce. By using ripe fruit and adding water to make the sauce, you can create something sweet for desserts, meats, or breakfast pancakes. Consider sweet and salty pairings when you think of ways to serve this at dinner.

Fresh Herbs

Adding fresh herbs to your roasted vegetables or Christmas ham is an easy way to add flavor to your holiday meals. Things like fresh mint, basil, and especially parsley will add robust flavor. It’s best to consider waiting toward serving time to sprinkle in the herbs to avoid bruising and wilting.

White Pepper

Black pepper is more common and almost always at the table next to the salt. But adding white pepper to the pairing brings a smoother, more mellow flavor option to the mix. Whole white peppercorns that you can grind as you need them will give you the freshest bite of white pepper.


Outside of eating chips and salsa, a unique way to use up a jar of salsa is by adding it into your meals. Whichever salsa you choose, there’s a great variety of flavor and texture in each bite. Serve it with your charcuterie board, top meats with it, or use it as a marinade to kick things up.

After either canceling holiday gatherings altogether or sticking to the same old same old, sometimes it’s best to switch things up. Make your next holiday meal one of stillness, laughter, and lots of flavors!

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