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If you’re the kind of person who likes to stay informed, then casually watching the news or relying on Twitter for news updates just doesn’t work for you. You need more than that. That’s how I am too, and, for the longest time, I was searching for apps that could help me stay up to date on the latest news and events. I mean notifications, articles, live videos, all of it. The search was difficult, but I managed to find an internet article that laid out some incredibly informative and user-friendly news apps. 

Best 10 Daily & Breaking News Apps

These apps made it very easy to stay informed and be the first to know about newsworthy events.  

Get the latest news quickly

Are you a person who still enjoys the newspaper? Well, you may enjoy its content, but do you still enjoy walking outside every morning to grab it? Do you enjoy reading soaked pages when it rains? What if you could have the same newspaper without having to leave the house?

With mobile news apps on your phone, you can enjoy your coffee or breakfast with the news in the palm of your hand. All of the breaking news and stories that you’d get from the newspaper, from CNN or Fox news, right in one place. Also, if your morning coffee happens really early in the morning, you’ll enjoy apps with consistent news updates so that you’ll always have something new to read about. 

Keep up with your sports teams

For you sports fans, mobile news apps will bring you the latest score updates, roster moves, and statistics that you’re wanting. You can even live stream highlights and stories of your favorite teams and players. Staying informed can help you be a true fan. 

Sports coverage on news stations like Fox News and CBS News can sometimes be lacking, or they may not cover the teams you’re interested in. Customize your news experience to the teams you enjoy reading about, the sports you like the most, and the content in which you’re most interested. If you’re a gambler or enjoy fantasy sports, many of these apps also include predictions, spread updates, and score reports.

High school and college sports have a lack of coverage on news channels, so mobile news apps are especially useful for people who want to keep up with their hometown team. If you want high school sports info, mobile news apps will help keep you informed on any news story that involves the teams you’re interested in. If it happens anywhere on the news, these apps can find it and bring it to you.

Get updates on everything happening in your city

When you stay informed on the latest news, you’ll be more prepared for whatever may happen. If you typically just try to leave CNN or Fox News on your TV, you might not be around to get breaking news from your couch. But you’ve always got your phone on you!

You can find apps that collect all of the latest news updates, articles, and videos. From the NY Times to CBS News, these apps pull together all of the significant news stories. You’ll even be able to customize the kinds of news stories these apps are feeding you so that you can get the content you want most. 

For stories specific to your area, there are daily news apps that will allow you to set a location for within a certain mileage so you’re getting all the content regarding the places you want to know about! With news that is customizable to meet your needs, you’ll save time and be more informed. 


If you love staying informed and don’t want to waste your time hearing about news you don’t care about, then these mobile news apps will be an incredible addition to your daily life. Get the news you want, when you want it! Check some out to start saving time and becoming more informed. 

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