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Dressing Etiquette for Workaholic Men

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In today’s time, the moment we hear the term “dress code”, we connect it straightaway to the offices or whatever we call our workplaces. You will still find organizations where they officially tell you what you have to wear to work and how you are supposed to dress and more. However, there are those too which leave the decision to the employees of what they want to wear.

Keeping in mind what a workaholic should look like, there are some dressing etiquette rules which every man must follow to keep up his reputation.

Wear a smile – no matter what has happened in your personal life

Wearing a smile is the best accessory that you can invest in when you’re a workaholic. No matter how things are working in your personal life, professionally you need to keep a strong hold of your emotions. A smile makes things easier and is also a source of boosting the motivation of the other employees working with you.

Keep your shirt sharp and creaseless

A smart professional is someone who knows how to dress like a dapper effortlessly. The most obvious thing that others notice is the number of creases on your shirt and if yours have countless, you cannot be counted as dressing like a dapper. Iron your shirt before donning it and DO NOT repeat the same shirt without washing and ironing again.

Find trousers that fit you right and are the right length

Your trousers should fit you well throughout and finish at a point that is ideal for you.

There are men who wear pants which go way longer than their legs, hiding somewhere in the shoes. There are also those who are wearing 3/4th length trousers. Both the styles are a disgrace for your personality. The right length of a pair of trousers should be just below the ankle or at the ankle.

A good perfume that works for you

Every individual smells differently. This is a fact and you need to understand this before just choosing anything that comes your way. Choose the one that combines with your body fragrance and gives a result that smells amazing. And remember, nobody has asked you to marinate yourself in the perfume – you can just use two to three puffs and you’re good to go. Invest in a perfume that works for you.

A face wash/creme that makes you look fresh

It is not just the clothes that complete the list of etiquette you must follow when it comes to being a professional.

After the late night presentation preparations, long hours in front of laptops and stressful meetings lead to dark circles, dull skin and more – you need a regime that can help you look fresh every day without fading out. Invest in a face wash and a creme that will work as foundation/concealer under the eyes as well as give a glow to your skin.

That’s all you need to look like a true professional without trying too hard.


Guest post by Deen Tichy

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