Downupright’s EDM and Industrial Core Stylings Create Their New Sound for Their Debut Album

Written by Aiden Faire

Bill Boulden, known artistically as Downupright, has released their debut industrial EDM inspired album, ‘Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot,’ which has a unique hyperpop sound that’s unique to Downupright.

They are passionate about music and don’t care about genre, as long as a song sounds good, genre is not a problem. They keep coming back to “non-commercial EDM” and a heavily processed vocal style often compared to the Faint, one of their biggest influences, they borrow from KMFDM, Sleigh bells, She Wants Revenge, and more.

‘Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot’ is a 10 song album that consists of 3 original songs: “Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot,” “Dirty,” and “Wallow.” Each song tackles the ideas of anxiety and depression within their EDM core stylings and processed vocals, a heavy piece to their music and artistry that adds further layers to his music.

“Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot” is the most EDM based song with a sprinkling of pop. While at first listen it seems to be a song about the “click here to prove you are not a robot” button that we all know and love, you realize that the meaning goes a lot deeper than that. While that’s how it starts, it’s about the implications of being asked to prove you are not a robot and what that means about emotion and identity. “Dirty,” by far the catchiest of the 3 original songs, takes on a more industrial style of music and the vocals are heavier. This song is about feeling so repulsed by somebody you thought you liked that you feel like you need to run away, when you realize who a person really is. The last original song, “Wallow,” is the darkest in meaning with electro-rock stylings. “Wallow” is about when a depressed person gets to a point in their sickness where they feel the depression is their friend and want to sit in it and wallow.

The other 7 songs are all remixes and collaborations of the 3 songs with other artists in the genre, like Deejayeetee, Xander Milne, and INOD.

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