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Double Indemnity by Maggie Kavanagh

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Double Indemnity by Maggie Kavanagh

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Book Series
The Stonebridge Mysteries #1
About the Author
Maggie Kavanagh writes gay romances that explore flawed, human characters finding love. A recent Yankee transplant to Los Angeles, her heart still resides in New England. She went to graduate school for English literature and reads and writes voraciously, whenever she can get a moment alone. You can find her in the wee morning hours typing away with coffee at hand and cat in lap, happily embodying the romance writer cliché. While she focuses mainly on contemporary romance, don’t be surprised if a historical or supernatural tale slips into the mix, as she’s always eager to discover different genres. More fiction is forthcoming soon, so stay tuned
Publication Date
January 26, 2015
Sam Flynn dreamed of being a journalist, until a car accident killed his parents and put his brother into a long-term coma.

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I love Sam!
Sam, one of Double Indemnity's protagonists is a multi-faceted character. Whilst he enjoys one-night stands, he is also a hard-worker; he is a blogger, gardener and part-time journalist; definitely nosey and intent on justice; a drinker in unrequited love with his employer's husband and a frequent visitor to the care facility where his brother lies in a vegetative state. So, despite Sam's flaws, Maggie Kavanagh ensures that he is a character we enjoy spending time with and whose story we want to follow.
Double Indemnity is less a romance and more of a mystery. Following the trauma of losing his wife, we remain unsure whether Nathan's friendship with Sam will develop and this uncertainty only grows after Nathan reveals his double life.
Maggie Kavanagh's writing style fits perfectly with the plot of Double Indemnity. The pace builds at moments of suspense and this is interspersed with romantic or humorous relief.
Admittedly I was a little puzzled by the later events in the story but I still enjoyed Double Indemnity and now anticipate reading its sequel.
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