Do Lash Extensions Work on Straight Lashes?

Written by Felicia Priedel

A lot of people say you can’t get extensions if you have straight lashes because they won’t adhere or sit properly on the natural lash line. If you want to know the truth about lash extensions working on straight lashes or not, read on.

Can You Get Extensions if You Have Straight Lashes?

The good news? Yes, you can! If your lashes are straight, short, or fair, you can get extensions. The bad news is putting extensions on straight lashes isn’t easy. If you have straight lashes, we recommend having a professional do your extensions rather than DIYing them at home. That said, if you’re determined to DIY, check out the advice below.

Tips for Applying Extensions to Straight Lashes

Want to apply extensions to your straight lashes? Use these tips and tricks to ensure your falsies turn out fierce!

  • Isolating your lashes is essential. An extension will stick more readily to a lash that’s properly isolated.
  • Don’t tug at the natural lash when adhering your extensions! Instead, apply lash glue on the lower third of the extension (the flattest part) and place them gently on the lash line.
  • We recommend using L extensions with flat lips that attach well to straight lashes. You can also use D or C extensions, but these are harder to affix.
  • Use a heated lash curler to curl your natural lashes prior to applying the extensions. This will make them stick better. Keep in mind that too much heat from the curler can damage your natural lashes!

By considering these tips and tricks, you’ll have a much easier time placing extensions on your natural lashes.

In Conclusion

Do lash extensions work on straight lashes? Yes, they do, but it takes skill and finesse to apply them and make them look their best. While straight-lashed folks can buy their own lash extensions and beautify their lashes at home, it’s better to get in touch with a local salon and have a professional handle this complex process.

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