How EMS-Enhanced Workouts Can Help You Reach Your Strength Training Goals

Written by Mike Johnston

In order to see any fitness results that come from exercise, you need to hit the gym four or five times a week. Besides that, you still need to keep up with your career, family, and social life. How do fit people achieve all of that in a short week? Well, their secret might be hiding in EMS. With EMS-enhanced workouts, you can boost your strength, lose fat and build muscle in a much shorter time. So what is EMS? 

Electric Muscle Stimulation aka EMS is an easy, effective, and efficient way to exercise and achieve enviable results. During EMS-enhanced workouts, your muscles are stimulated by electricity to contract on a deeper and stronger level, which allows for faster and easier workouts for you. During your sessions, you’ll be wearing a bodysuit that produces light electrical pulses, pushing your body to create resistance. 

As you exercise against resistance, you can achieve much faster results than in traditional workouts. According to many experts in the field, it might be the future of fitness! So how can EMS actually help you on your path to becoming a stronger and fitter individual? 

EMS works fast

The biggest benefit of EMS-enhanced workouts is efficiency. With EMS, you only need 20 minutes to do a full-body workout once or twice a week. This short exercise will activate your entire body in such a short time, especially when compared to traditional workouts that require several sessions a week, lasting a minimum of 60 minutes. Because EMS-enhanced workouts activate all your muscles at the same time, shorter and less frequent sessions are just fine. 

Plus, you’ll notice your progress even after your first session. You will not only experience increased physical awareness and better posture but also receive a great rush of endorphins stimulated by the activation of all muscle groups. After a few days, expect to feel muscle stiffness, but that’s normal and desired because it means your body is repairing and recovering. Most users state that they notice extra muscle definition and strength improvements in just four weeks, followed by better coordination and more effective use of muscles. 

It improves athletic performance

EMS-enhanced workouts are a great fitness program for all athletes. Since it stimulates many muscle fibers at the same time (over 300), more muscle will break down and later repair to achieve better strength. The repair happens through rest and refueling your body with proper food. All in all, doing EMS-enhanced workouts in a controlled environment can boost your muscle tone and strength, but also speed and endurance, making athletes improve their performance in sports like basketball, football, etc. 

It helps with weight loss

Through EMS-enhanced workouts, one can burn fat and lose weight. EMS boosts your metabolic rate for up to 3 days, causing you to burn calories over a longer period of time. What this means is that after you finish your workout, your body will continue to burn more calories, resulting in better weight loss results. 

It helps you reach your full potential

With effective EMS-enhanced training, almost all your muscles are working at the same time, contracting and relaxing with the pulse. And when compared to traditional workouts, effective EMS training even activates deeper muscles, which results in better intra- and inter-muscular coordination. 

While you reach over 90% of your maximum potential with EMS training, regular gym only activates about 30% of your muscles. Your muscles contract in full, thanks to the deep penetration of electric impulses. This brings better results in a shorter period of time than training at the traditional gym. 

It helps with muscular imbalance

Another way that EMS helps with building strength is by targeting muscular imbalance. Your trainer can place electrodes on parts of the body that lack proper muscle development, so you can fix your imbalances. This helps with better posture, reduces your risk of injury, and makes your body look more symmetrical. 

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It’s easy on the joints

Since you don’t use any weights during your EMS workout, this type of exercise is much easier on the joints. The intensity of your workout is regulated by the strength of your electrostimulation and not by the weights you’re lifting. Therefore, the impact while jumping and running is much smaller and you can avoid many instances of injury. This makes it an ideal workout for seniors but also all people with joint issues and injuries. 

It allows easy recovery

During electrostimulation, your muscles receive an increased blood supply, which can help reduce pain, remove lactic acid, boost the production of endorphins and improve muscle relaxation, achieving better recovery. And with better and faster recovery without any fitness gadgets, you can keep up with your workouts without experiencing fatigue and pain. 

Wrapping up

Sometimes, EMS sounds too good to be true, but it’s all about the science behind it that makes these aforementioned results possible. If you have a studio near you, make sure to give EMS a try and enjoy your amazing strength, muscle-building, and weight-loss results.

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