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Did You Know SHIELD Director Nick Fury Did Drugs Once?

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SHIELD director Colonel Nick Fury is an important cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has fought during the Cold War for the United States.

He’s an accomplished man who also prevented the takeover of the organization by the secret organization, HYDRA. Suffice it to say, many would consider Fury to be a patriot for his country. He even faked his death in order to not only protect himself from HYDRA but allow SHIELD to move forward with new leadership and not be encumbered by the actions of his past. Yet, people all face difficulties in their past and the actor who plays him, Samuel L. Jackson, is certainly human as we all are.

“We were doing it while we were f***ed up so it was like, ‘OK let’s go out here and trip the audience out, OK?’” Jackson told News Corp in 2016. “Then by the time I got sober, it was too late for me to take it seriously.”

Jackson elaborated on his substance abuse experience when speaking to The UK Telegraph in 2012. Like others, he showed signs someone is using crack. “It was the life. I was in the theatre, the revolution. I fancied myself as Oliver Reed. Part of it is hereditary: my father died of alcoholism,” Jackson said. “I took it a step further, I drank and I used drugs. I liked the feeling of not being cognisant of what was going on around me.” Jackson said he did all of this as a normal functioning and working adult.

“I didn’t rob people, I was working the whole time,” Jackson stated. “I rehearsed and performed on drugs. I went on stage and watched people’s eyes roll across stage and I’d go ‘oh I have a line, OK got to focus on the play now.” There was one specific night Jackson referenced at a party that remembered pretty vividly.

“I ended up going to a party, drinking too much tequila and decided on the way home I needed to get cocaine and level myself out because I was drunk,” Jackson explained. “I got home and cooked it. When I looked up, LaTanya and Zoe [his wife and daughter] were standing there. The cocaine was cooked but I’d never smoked it. That was the first time LaTanya realised I was doing something that was greater than just smoking weed and drinking.” Jackson said it was tough for his wife and daughter to deal with his behavior.

“I was not affectionate, I was not associative and I was kind of crazy – in a way that I regret and I’ve apologised to both,” Jackson said. He said after he passed out in the kitchen, he decided to change things around.

“I didn’t resist because I was ready,” Jackson stated of his checking into rehab. He said his role in Jungle Fever as an addict showing signs someone is using crack was a part of his recovery. “It was the first thing I did without a substance in my body.”

Even though he played someone high on crack, he also found temptation being around others who showed signs someone is using crack pretty frequently in addition to other substances. “I hang out with people who smoke weed on the golf course, I’ve been in rooms with big plates of cocaine,” Jackson said. “When I was drinking nobody offered me f—— Cristal, now I’ve got bottles of it in my house that people keep giving me. But my wife doesn’t worry about me opening these bottles.” In the end, Jackson said his recovery was all because of his wife and child.

“They found me passed out on the floor after I left somebody’s bachelor party and put my a- in rehab the next day and supported me and pushed me and give me a reason to get up and go and chase it day after day,” Jackson told People Magazine in 2016.



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