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Devin Norman – poet and campaigner for the great and good things in life

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Divine Magazine has spoken to this young man before and you can see the interview at the link below.

Devin is also a poet and he writes some wonderful prose. He’s the first to contribute to our new Poetry column and we are delighted to bring you this piece from him. It starts off a little sadly but I hope by the end of it you realise it’s about hope and living to fight another day.

Devin 3

Hi. I’m Devin Norman.
Pleased to meet you. I’m not going to ramble on and on about myself in some self-indulgent rant. There’s no point. As far as “About me” all anyone needs to know is that I love you. “Through my ambition to achieve the most supreme goals, far greater than any wish granting gem, may I always dearly cherish every being.”
There’s my creed. I try to stay positive. The only person that can make you happy is you. So do it.
Life’s too short. If I may inspire one person reading this to love one another and themselves, then I have done something far greater than any synopsis of my personality.
Peace be with you all…

The Man of Sorrow 2.0

Sing, Muse,
Sing Memory.
Remind me who I am.
I feel ruined.
To feel is to die,
And what man longs for death?
I do, though.
Long for the end,
An end.
Have I offended some great God?
Does my appearance appall Him
The way it sickens me?
Smite me God.
Make an end to it.
I can bear it no longer.
But to die is its own peace,
And a man of sorrow would be
Lucky for that.
No, a man will continue his suffering,
And wear it like a shield,
Golden, with gorgon head blazing in the sunlight.
He will stand.
And fight another day.

We’d like to thank Devin for sharing this with us and we hope he’ll become a regular contributor to the site with his thought provoking verses.

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