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Devin December by Kate McMurray

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Devin December by Kate McMurray

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About the Author
Kate McMurray is an award-winning author of gay romance and an unabashed romance fan. When she’s not writing, she works as a nonfiction editor, dabbles in various crafts, and is maybe a tiny bit obsessed with base­ball. She has served as President of Rainbow Romance Writers, the LGBT romance chapter of Romance Writers of America. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Publication Date
December 23, 2015
1623807905 (ISBN13: 9781623807900)
A freak blizzard strands flight attendant Andy Weston at LaGuardia Airport on Thanksgiving. Tabloid reports about Hollywood It couple Devin Delaney and Cristina Marino breaking up in spectacular fashion keep Andy sane. And then Devin Delaney himself turns up at the gate Andy is working. Against all odds—and because there’s nothing else to do—Andy and Devin begin to talk, immediately connect, and, after Devin confesses the real reason he broke up with Cristina, have a magical night together snowed in at the airport. But the magic ends when Devin boards his flight home the next morning, and Andy assumes it’s over.Then Devin turns up on his doorstep. Andy is game for a clandestine affair at first—who could turn down one of the hottest men on the planet? But he soon grows tired of being shoved in Devin’s closet. As Christmas approaches, it’s clear that this will never work unless Devin is willing to make some big changes. Devin has a holiday surprise in store—but will it be enough?

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Career versus coming out
(Updated: January 12, 2016)
It's that time of year when lots of holiday-themed novellas are released that put a smile on our faces and add some joy to the season. Devin December, a heartwarming story of a connection made in an unusual place, with a most unlikely pair, is one of those novellas. It is a coming out, or staying in, novella. A potential HEA versus a continuing successful career, or ideally, both.

Andy Weston is a newly minted flight attendant who has started working at the check in desk, prior to taking his first flight. The Thanksgiving holiday period can be a nightmare at the best of times, but with a blizzard hitting New York and thousands of stranded passengers being forced to wait overnight for flights, it's looking like a particularly crazy twenty-four hours. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe events, however, when Andy looks up to see hollywood's sexiest man alive, newly separated from his girlfriend of three years, Devin Delaney, standing at his desk.

Devin Delaney is at the peak of his career starring as primarily macho straight guys in blockbuster films. Coming out as gay is not an option, not if he wants to keep his agent and career intact. Then, one thanksgiving eve, Devin meets a gorgeous flight attendant and they are trapped in the airport overnight. Talking leads to confessions and much more. Andy thinks he's died and gone to heaven. Or dreaming. What he knows is that this deeply closeted film star won't give him the time of day after the airport reopens, and Devin continues his trip to L.A.  

Devin must make decisions that could potentially ruin his career. Andy must decide if being the secret lover of a Hollywood megastar is worth the heartache and lies. He has fought long and hard to accept himself as an out and proud gay man. Going back in the closet isn't an option, even for a man like Devin.

Kate McMurray has written slightly flawed, often funny, and immensely likeable MC's in Andy and Devin. I found myself wishing so hard for their HEA. Whether or not they get one, and the journey these two men take, makes for an engaging and pleasingly original read. I loved that the story took place in Andy's world, rather than the more predictable setting of bright lights and Hollywood luxury. In fact, I loved everything about Devin December, except the abrupt ending. I would have loved an epilogue, and felt that if this story had one it would have been a solid five star read. 

That said, it is a very entertaining book I would highly recommend.  
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