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Detour by Sid Love Blog Tour

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We have Sid Love stopping by today with his new release Detour from Cool Dudes Publishing

Thank you so much for hosting me.

I am here to promote my newest novel Detour which has been published on June 13 by Cool Dudes Publishing. The book tells you the story of two men – Austin Reyes and Dylan Carver – who are flawed and scarred by their past, but they find each other and realize that they were always meant to be.

Let me tell you quick fun facts about this book

  1. Detour wasn’t the original title of this book and the storyline was very different when I drafter the plot. The working title was Picture Perfect but after writing the first chapter of the book, I realized it was not working out. So, I changed it to The Life of Him. When the story got accepted with Cool Dudes Publishing, Louis suggested the title Detour and why it was perfect for the story and it made perfect sense to me. So, well, the rest is history!
  2. Although the main pairing of Austin and Dylan rule over the book, there are many secondary characters who have their own story going on. The parallel storyline of Amy and Liana is interesting and hopefully you’d enjoy it.
  3. Austin and Dylan are gay, Amy is a lesbian, Liana and Dylan’s boss Trevin are bisexual, Trevin’s wife Sharon is straight. I just thought these characters fit perfectly in … so I wrote them J
  4. This novel was supposed to be my debut book back in 2013. But something always came in the way and until this year, I had no hope of this story coming out ever. It was rejected by two publishers initially after which when it got accepted by a publisher, things didn’t work out there either and I had to withdraw. Later, when Louis approached me with an offer to publish this specific story, I was hesitant not because I didn’t trust Louis with my book, but because of its history! I thought it was jinxed or something (LOL! Could you blame me?). But he showed so much confidence in my story that I gave in. (Thank you Louis!)
  5. Detour is my first novel out because my previous books were novellas/short stories. And it’s also the first book which got published in paperbacks! **happy dance**
  6. Austin’s look is inspired by the famous gay porn actor of the late 90s. Can you guess who? I’ll give you a hint, he has the most seductive eyes!
  7. The story was published online at Gay Authors website, where it was nominated for 2012 Readers Choice Awards for Best Story and Caleb was nominated for the Best Antagonist by the readers J Even though it did not win the title, the feeling of being nominated was truly overwhelming for me.

Well, that’s all. Hope you found it interesting enough!


Title: Detour

Author: Sid Love

Publisher: Cool Dudes Publishing

Length: 226 Pages

Genre: M/M Romance Thriller

Cover Artist: Corneles Bronkhorst

Austin Reyes works as a bartender to support his ailing mother in a small town called Eaton. But his life takes a horrible turn when his boss’ son, Caleb, arrives in town and forces himself upon Austin. There is no end to Caleb’s lustful intentions. Austin leaves Eaton and flees to Denver to start a new life when his mother commits suicide after succumbing to depression. There, he meets Dylan Carver.

Dylan is out and proud. He’s also a well-known actor in the porn industry. When haters damage his car, Austin, now homeless and destitute, is injured and Dylan helps him. In the immediate aftermath, Dylan develops more than a passing interest for Austin, and, though they part ways, chance meetings never stop.

Austin lets Dylan in on the secret about his past, but soon realizes that the man who looked so happy on the outside, has his own baggage. Unbeknownst to them, someone is plotting to get Austin killed.

Even while surrounded by danger, Austin and Dylan’s relationship takes a detour that was always meant to be. Will this detour be Dylan’s undoing? Will Austin finally come to terms with his mother’s suicide and follow his own truth? Or will their lives implode?

Trigger Warning: Content includes a rape scene.


My apartment building had seen better days. It was ancient and looked like it would fall apart any time. The color had worn out over the years and there were cracks here and there, but it was dearest to me anyway. It had been my home for as long as I could remember; well, it wasn’t exactly owned by us — we rented, to be specific — but I speak from the sense of belonging. The owner of the building — Mr. Marshall — had promised to repair it soon. It was a one-story building with four small apartments, two on each floor that faced each other. Our apartment was on the first floor, so, at three in the morning, I took the flight of stairs and walked up to my door soundlessly. I knew better than to wake up our neighbor. I slowly put the key into the lock and opened the door.

Hesitating for some time, I considered again whether to tell my mother about what had happened. I couldn’t hide anything from her, but the explanations would have to wait until morning. I was too tired and sad right now.

I closed the door silently behind me.

The house lights were dim but I could see the light in her bedroom. As always, she was waiting for me to return. She would be curled up in her bed, reading her favorite Nora Roberts novel. She did the same every night before going to sleep.

I headed for her room. Thankfully, I had stopped limping as the pain dissipated; she wouldn’t know anything was wrong right away.

The door was ajar.

I stepped into the room.

…And suddenly it was hard to breathe.

“Mom! Oh, dear God!”

Her lifeless body hung from the ceiling fan.

I rushed to support her feet. Although I knew the worst had happened, I hoped she was alive.

She didn’t move.

Her bare feet were cold.

Her skin, pale like never before.

I couldn’t understand why she would take such an extreme step. She was fine when I had left for work that evening.

My tears flowed freely this time.

That was when I noticed it. The letter on the nightstand.


Cool Dudes Publishing

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Winner gets a paperback copy of DETOUR!


Sid Love grew up in one of busiest cities in the world, Mumbai, listening to the excerpts of Indian epics as told by his father every night. While it served as an inspiration back, he has always had an ambitious mind.

In 2007, when he had just turned sixteen, he decided that he would make his lifelong dream come true—to become a well-known, respected author someday.

Ask him and he would refuse to accept that he is obsessed with books. Or movies. Or TV shows. Addicted may even be the right word.

He is a die-hard fan of Jane Austen’s romance novels and loves to reread them time and again.

Find him on –



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