Design a Master Bedroom that Exudes Peace and Calm

Your bedroom should be a space where you can relax, unwind, and achieve that coveted inner peace

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The way you design your bedroom can literally make or break your sleep. If it doesn’t promote a feeling of calm and help you de-stress, it’s not the kind of bedroom you want to be sleeping in.

Let’s look at some design tips that will help you create your own little oasis of relaxation.

Choose light and neutral colors

The way you paint your walls is the first key design choice you need to make. Darker colors will evoke a more elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, but they’re also not the most relaxing.

Choosing something light and in a neutral tone will help send you off to sleep, and it will be an excellent backdrop to any other décor elements you add to the space.

Choose the perfect bed


The bed you sleep in is critical to your peaceful and calm bedroom – after all, it is the piece of furniture the room is centered around. Not to mention, if your bed is uncomfortable, you will simply not enjoy your time in it.

Choose a mattress that suits your sleeping needs – think of things like firmness, size, materials, and the like. However, do bear in mind that you should always practice good sleep hygiene, as a comfy bed alone does not make a restful night’s sleep.

Get the right curtains

Some people like a bit of light in their space while they’re sleeping, while others prefer to sleep in complete darkness. Depending on which group you fall into, you can choose to buy yourself some blackout curtains, or just use some regular ones, and use blinds or shutters to make the room semi-dark.

Only add what you need


Crowded spaces are not the most peaceful or calm. So, instead of cramming your room full of furniture and stuff, try to keep things to a bare minimum, as minimalism is actually a very relaxing design option.

Apart from the obvious bed, there’s the dresser to think about, bedside tables, a mirror, possibly some snuggly chairs – but not more than that if you want to stick to the “less is more” way of thinking.

The same rule applies to décor – don’t overcrowd the room with all kinds of artwork, photos, and trinkets. They will all draw your attention, distracting your mind away from falling into sleep.

Mind how you wake up

Instead of waking up to loud noise, you can try waking up to a light or a soothing sound. You can, of course, let the morning light wake you up, but since this is not the most reliable option, you might want to invest in one of those wakeup lights instead, that emit a soothing sound while lighting up the space as well.

Try not to have your phone wake you up, even though this is the easiest and most affordable option. If you really need to use your phone as an alarm clock, at least try to not keep it next to your bed while you’re sleeping, as it can disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Minimize electronics


Speaking of gadgets and gizmos, try to eliminate all electronic devices from the room as well. There’s no need for a TV in the bedroom, you don’t need a radio either, and the laptop or tablet should also be reserved for the living room.

All of these devices emit lights and sounds that may seem imperceptible, but that can mess with your sleeping rhythm. You’ll simply not end up sleeping all that well with all of them in the room.

Add a bit of green to it

There’s a school of thought that believes plants have no place in the bedroom. Others advocate adding a couple of plants to the bedroom to promote relaxation, so you can really make your own choice.

If you decide not to go the natural plant way, you can buy a really realistic-looking faux plant that will bring some nature into the space and promote that feeling of serenity without messing with your oxygen levels.

Final thoughts

Your bedroom should be a space where you can relax, unwind, and achieve that coveted inner peace. With the help of our design tips, you should have no problem leaving some of your troubles at the door and checking in for some peace and quiet.

Written by Sarah Kaminski

Sarah is a life enjoyer, positivity seeker, and a curiosity enthusiast. She is passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle and adores her cats. She is an avid reader who loves to travel when time allows.

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