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Defending The Hateful Eight

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It has been around 18 months since the film debuted, but the Hateful Eight is a film that continues to gain first-time viewers every single month. After all, it’s a film that many cinemas rejected due to screening compatibility issues. This, combined with very mixed early reviews, were off-putting. However, there is no doubt that the Western set crime-drama is worth a watch.

Is it Quentin Tarantino’s greatest film? Probably not. Likewise, Samuel L.Jackson has played better roles than Major Marquis Warren. Yet, the famous pair both provide plenty of elements that has made their partnership so successful since the iconic Pulp Fiction. Frankly, this alone should be enough to sell the film itself.

For a true film buff, though, the Hateful Eight is a fascinating watch from a production perspective. The return of an Ultra Panavision 80 tech, which had previously been synonymous with classic cinema, is key. When combined with the hallmark Tarantino crash zoom, the cinematography is a film geek’s dream. From this viewpoint, the film is worth watching for the spectacular opening shots alone.   

The film is now available on multiple platforms, including the Cinema Box movie HD app. Given this, most of you could watch it today. Therefore, it would be wrong to give away too much in terms of the plot. However, it’s fair to say that Tarantino’s favorites are all there. Elements of comedy, action, and violence are all provided in abundance. It’s a tried and tested concoction but why would the famous director try to fix something that isn’t broken?


Tarantino also finds a way to get away with setting huge sections of the film in one shed. Again, this is nothing new from his direction. But, as was the case with Reservoir Dogs, the epic storytelling shines through to make it a winner.

The vast majority of criticisms towards the Hateful Eight surround the death scene (sorry for the spoiler, but it’s obvious) of Daisy Domergue. Personally, I side with the fact the idea that it represents equality. Even if it is a little over the top, that hardly breaks away from the Tarantino traditions. Regardless of which camp you sit in, you should just enjoy the film for what it is. Sometimes, the detailed analysis is best left to the critics. If you’re a recreational viewer, don’t forget it.

Despite the awards, this isn’t the pinnacle of Tarantino’s career. It doesn’t hit home as hard as Django Unchained, and it doesn’t have the significance of the two earlier films mentioned above. Nonetheless, the Hateful Eight is not deserving of the hateful comments. Not least when you could be watching something like Iron Fist. Ultimately, a film should set out to entertain its audience. If you like Tarantino’s work, you’ll enjoy this from start to finish, even if it doesn’t blow you away like some of his previous efforts.


 Score: 7/10

The Hateful Eight (2015, released 2016)

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Stars: Samuel L.Jackson. Kurt Russell. Jennifer Jason Leigh

Estimated budget: $50m   

Box Office: $155m

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