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Dark Needs by Maris Black
by Truus     July 27, 2017    
(Updated: July 27, 2017)

Twins Forbidden Love

Gavin and Bain
Something I really crave to read. What's not to love....?
An adorable twin with a strong connection and a strong desire for each other....but are still denying it. They don't really expect the other will feel the same...
Bain always touchy all over Gavin, who almost can't hold back. Gavin all protective over Bain and biting heads off who dares to touch Bain.... 

After being separated for a year they will follow the same study at the film school. They have a room together and their yearning for each other is heavy... some sensual building up scenes will follow....
I don't want to spoil to much so read it yourself... I only will tell there are other student(s) I want to smash and there is an unknown history.... 

There is more going in this story but I'll have to be patient for part #2. Which I certainly will buy.

I don't know have many books this series will have.... it has somewhat slow pace... I expected a darker read and a lot more sexiness, so I think this will be spread out over more parts of this series.
I hope part #2 will follow soon :) 

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