Dani Doucette’s enticing “Craved” Music Video

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Pop artist Dani Doucette has released a music video for her latest single “Craved,” a song about pure infatuation and the behavior that emulates this feeling. The neon-hued and disco-vibe track merges elements of R&B, disco, and pop that embody all the best qualities of a song that make you want to get up and move when you’re partying. The showcasing of Dani’s velvety vocals represent confidence and power, and draw you into the song’s enigmatic energy. 

The music video, directed by Tyler Lord, portrays the exact sense of desire Dani aims to get across in the song through her well-thought lyricism. The track describes getting lost in the feeling of love, but only enough to leave both people craving more. In the video we see Dani locking eyes with her suitor from across the room. It’s seemingly impossible for him to look away, showing just how much power his infatuation with her has over him. She finds herself getting lost in him as well. This causes her to feel vulnerable in her own way, and she quickly feels the need to act on these emotions. The sensual lighting and intimate dancing in the video show the act of both leaning into these emotions as well as turning away from them. Towards the end of the video, you see Doucette take back some of the power for herself as she literally leaves him craving more of her. 

Stringing together the vibes of some of her favorite pop idols, the song brings a unique ambiance. With its upbeat tempo and soulful groove, the song is sure to make any listener feel something when listening. “Craved” is out now on all platforms!

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