Curated eCommerce Community SOULER Debuts “SOULER Essentials” With Grammy Nominated Talent Soaky Siren

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Authentic is a word reserved only for the most genuine and truly unique. Soaky Siren and SOULER both proudly wear this moniker and their collaboration enhances it.

SOULER is the world’s first curated digital community where talent, brands and consumers come together on one platform for a shared experience. SOULER is a curated community of designers & tastemaker talent that is evolving the traditional ecommerce model into a connective, narrative & art centric “digital house.”

Bahamas native, Soaky Siren, a Grammy-nominated multi-platinum recording artist, writer & producer has marched to her own beat since birth. In just the past year, she’s written Maroon 5’s global smash hit “Nobody’s Love” and had her own song, “MIA”, included in the EA Sports FIFA21 Soundtrack. Additional credits for Soaky include collaborations with Chris Brown, J Balvin, and Jason Derulo, to name a few.

SOULER’s curated product assortment runs the gamut from streetwear, to luxury, art, sustainable clean beauty, and avant garde homegoods. Each designer was chosen because of their story & narrative. Siren’s signature blend of high street British heritage luxury and playful, sardonic streetwear paired with those endlessly long braids have made her a lookbook muse on both sides of the Atlantic.

The multi-platinum Grammy-nominated artist, producer & songwriter’s must-haves range from contemporary fashion, to sneakers, to selfcare. Hand picked shades from David Ford, half and half trainers from YORK athletic, and an assortment of Pursoma cosmetics are a few of the selections from Soaky. The full collection can be experienced here:

Meet the new SOULER – built upon the knowledge that the future of creativity, fashion, and e-commerce is community.

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