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Creating Places For Ourselves in Our Own Lives by Megan Linden

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We all have roles we play in our lives. Some of them are obvious, external—we’re partners, family members, friends, employees, et cetera, et cetera. But we also have those internal roles, either given to us or created by us. They are not only how we identify ourselves, but also how we lead our lives.

And it’s how every human lives, how we understand the world and ourselves, and people around us. There’s nothing wrong with those roles, if they’re not hurting us. But sometimes—especially when they’re hurting us—we need to examine those roles once again. We need to give them a closer look. We need to ask ourselves:

Does that still fit me?

And the answer could be as painful as realizing our favorite pair of jeans no longer fits us. It doesn’t matter if they’re too short or too tight—no amount of wiggling is going to help.

Sometimes we think that when we’re defining our roles, our spaces, our lives, we’re defining them for good. “I will be X for the rest of my life,” we say. And we may be very happy when we do say it, because at that moment in time, that X is what makes us happy. But will it always? And should I stay X forever just because of the decision I made years ago?

In my latest book, Building a Home, both main characters have roles they’ve played for years. Some of them were good, some of them…perhaps not so much.

David is used to defying expectations and likes to prove people wrong. He’s young and already has his own business. He’s independent and hard-working, and he likes to challenge himself. After losing his parents years ago, his only family is his older brother, Charlie, but that’s enough for David. When he follows Charlie to Harrington Hills, he agrees to join the Harrington Pack for his brother’s sake, but as the time goes on, David slowly becomes a real part of the pack. He’s not just an outsider anymore, so he has to find out where he fits now.

Zack’s journey is different. He thinks he’s done his part on reinvention front long time ago. He went from a rebellious kid to a deputy sheriff, after all. He got smarter, he got his act together, the whole bit. But then he falls for a guy who challenges him in ways he didn’t expect, and Zack’s forced to confront not only what he wants, but also what he’s afraid of.

One of those journeys is easier than the other, but neither is without its traps. I think that’s true for all redefinitions, because they—like all change—are risky. And all we can do is hope that, at the end of the day, we will find new favorite pair of jeans, fitting us even better.



Zack Harrington noticed David Dewitt the first time the guy showed up

in Harrington Hills, but their first meeting was far from perfect. A few months later Zack still can’t forget about him and now when the two of them belong to the same pack, their paths cross even more. The problem is, David is barely twenty-two and Zack still remembers how stupid he was at that age.

David knows he’s young, but he’s tired of hearing about it all the time. He’s not a kid and he hates being treated like one, even—or especially—by the hot deputy sheriff. But as they get to know each other better and the sparks between them turn hotter, David’s willing to leave that behind them.

Can they move past the age difference and their own personal hang-ups?
Or will they ultimately fall into a trap of miscommunication and hiding?

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Meet Megan Linden

Megan Linden has dreamed of being a writer since she’d been a little kid, but didn’t write all that much until she discovered fandom as a teenager. After many years, she decided to try writing her own characters in her own stories. And that’s where she is today.

When she’s not writing, Megan works as a psychologist and continues to learn the hard way that a happy ending is not a given. That’s why she makes sure to give it to her characters, always.

She loves good TV shows, books, fanworks, and pizza (not necessarily in that order).

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