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No one would like to take a shower in a normal shower screen because it will look dull and boring and will not give your bathroom a pleasing appearance. So, if you want your bathroom to look clean as well as stylish then installing frameless shower screens can be your best choice. You should include glass enclosures in your bathroom because they are very easy to maintain, and they will take very little space in your bathroom. You should install frameless shower screens if you want a high return on your investment. These frameless shower screens are growing in popularity for reasons one too many.

  • Firstly, this is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective option to upgrade your bathroom. This relatively cheap and most affordable alternative will, however, reflect sophistication, an expensive look, and even add to the glamor quotient of your bathroom.
  • Secondly, the simple designs of these frameless shower screens can be easily retrofitted into any existing bathroom design thereby eliminating the requirement of a complete renovation adding to your cost.
  • Thirdly, the thickness of these frameless shower screens is another factor for its popularity. Made from the toughened glass you will get four different thicknesses such as 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm. The type of thickness you choose does not matter if you are concerned more about the looks.
  • You will get these frameless shower screens in a plethora of colors and designs as well. You can choose a patterned, slumped, or frosted glass as well if you want a little more privacy. As for the colors, you will get grey, green, bronze, and blue as standard but you can also get other colors for your custom-made design pattern. The color and pattern of your choice will be permanent as it will be first painted on the glass and then burned during the toughening process to make a permanent feature.

However, there are a few considerations to make when you get frameless shower screens such as the way it will be fixed to the floor, wall, and even ceiling if need be. You must also consider whether you want a door or want a walk-in shower in your bathroom along with its measurements before you choose a piece.

The Beneficial Factors of a Door

Ideally, you should have a door installed on your frameless shower screens. There are lots of benefits of such installation. Learn the advantages of installing these in your shower screen and then make an informed decision.

If you wish to have a door to your shower area, then be informed that you can have these doors customized. Ideally, most of the frameless models have custom made glass shower doors. Therefore, you will not have to be satisfied with those standard doors that are produced at a mass scale. This means you will be able to add more flexibility to its installation.

The shower doors will minimize the risks of mold formation as this area will be subject to water, moisture, and dampness that give rise to molds. The shower doors will minimize the number of such places where water can collect and therefore eliminate the chances of water build-up under the door seals.

Apart from that, these doors being easy to clean further eliminate the possibilities of mold and mildew formation. All you need is a squeegee and a simple wiping of the glass to bring it back to its crystal-clear form after use.

Therefore, considering all the features, factors, and pros, installing frameless shower screens is a beautiful solution due to its minimal design and a clear look much unlike a semi-frameless or a fully framed variant.

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