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Craving Stains by Alina Popescu

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I am a writer, traveler, blogger, and coffee addict. I started writing stories when I was 10 and kept doing it as a hobby till a few years ago. I prefer fantasy and sci-fi when it comes to writing and I am currently working on a vampire series, Bad Blood. Book I of the series, The Edge of hope, was published in April 2014.
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April 10, 2015
Content Warning
Some bad language and scenes of a sexual nature.
Wynn Brenwood has been trapped by his mother since birth, shut away in a sterile, hospital-like apartment.

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(Updated: May 11, 2015)
In my opinion Craving Stains is a dichotomous novel. Although I was interested in the story, I felt unfulfilled by its outcome. The issue was that Alina Popescu creates an atmosphere of ambiguity, about the story's setting and plot development, right up to the story's last word and therefore we are left with no answers to the many questions we have. Wynn is trapped in his sterile, but stale, environment by his mother. She insists this is for his protection, but, it is in fact another assertion of control over his life. Moira is the 'black' to his 'white'; the darkness to his light. Moira has spent her life manipulating those around her, using sex and money and is accustomed to having her own way. Alina Popescu addresses Moira's cruelty and heartlessness, particularly reflected in how she treats her son. On the other hand, we see Wynn fighting for freedom, which is strangely found in the power of his dreams. Inexplicably he begins 'waking up' with a man named Doyle. These encounters are initially sexual until Doyle realises that he might be able to save Wynn from his prison. Given the length of Craving Stains, Alina Popescu succeeds in forming two strong characters; Wynn and his mother; whose intimate thoughts and feelings are shared with us. Yet, I felt there were gaps in the story which I was desperate to have filled. Whether this is a deliberate move on the part of the author in asking us to question HOW we read, it meant I was unable to enjoy the story fully.

Craving Stains will suit readers of M/M romances, who like character-driven stories, without explicit sex scenes, but with a challenging plot.
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