Country Artist Madison Wolfe Releases Debut Single “Everyday’s A Different Beach”

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Nashville, Tenn. – Country singer-songwriter Madison Wolfe celebrates the release of her debut single titled Everyday’s A Different Beach.

The song came from a really personal place for me. I have always struggled with anxiety and feeling like it would never get better. My family goes to Florida every year and this song was born when I was standing on the beach two summers ago,” explains Madison. “I remember I was annoyed that I couldn’t go out and paddleboard because I was not experienced at all and the water was too rough for a beginner! The day before, though, the water was completely still, but there were no paddle boards available. I stood at the shore and the waves crashed into my feet and the song was born.

Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the songwriter found herself in Nashville, Tennessee where she attended Belmont University. When she was younger, she joined her father’s cover band around the Milwaukee area for her father’s cover band. In 2016, she was selected into the Top 10 over 2,400 songs in the NSAI Song Contest hosted by CMT.


You can connect with Madison Wolfe on Instagram

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