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Could smoothies be next in line for the sugar tax?

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Recent research has shown that drinking blitzed fruit is just as bad for you as a fizzy drink. Is it time to ditch the modern compulsion to blend anything and everything nutritious, and actually eat fruit whole for a change?

Fifteen or so years ago we ate fruit whole and used the blender to mix lump-free pancake batter, then came the smoothie craze and the blender industry exploded.

However, the blender frenzy might just have reached its limit, as new research shows that we are defacing the health benefits of fruit by zapping all the goodness away, leaving a sugar-laden liquid that we delude ourselves into thinking is a healthier option.

Maybe it is time to resist the urge to blend and look for new, convenient ways to get our five-a-day. Companies like Fruitful Office (who deliver eco-friendly baskets of fresh fruit directly into offices across the U.K. and Ireland), are finding creative ways to help us to get easier access to fruit during the day, when we are on the go or at the office.

Over the years we have been led to believe that drinking a smoothie is a more convenient and efficient way to ensure that we get our five-a-day. Billed as the equivalent to eating handfuls of fresh fruit, drink and cooking equipment manufacturers have made a killing from selling us premium priced smoothies and blenders, from Innocent drinks to the all-conquering nutri-bullet, we have fallen for ploy, hook, line and sinker.

Drinking a smoothie is completely different to eating pieces of fruit whole. The British Heart Foundation explain why: when you ‘blend fruit, the natural sugars are released from within the cell walls of the fruit and become “free sugars” ‘ the kind we should all be cutting down on to protect our teeth as well as lower our energy intake to help maintain a healthy weight.’ These are the sugars that are being taxed in fizzy drinks. Thus technically, smoothies could be taxed. They do the same damage to our teeth and weight as fizzy drinks – so is the smoothie trend coming to an end?

What comes up, must come down and the nutri-bullet craze is certainly on a high. As the market is flooded with a new crop of soft drinks in the wake of the sugar tax, we shall have to see whether smoothies have finally met their match.

Do you own a nutri-bullet? What do you think about juicing? Share your opinion with – we would love to know!

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