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Cool Dudes Publishing began as a mobile bookstore in 2009 selling books at markets and fairs. Since then, it’s grown by leaps and bounds to become who we are today, a publisher of m/m fiction.

We offer the professional services expected by today’s authors. With our in-house graphic design studio and editing services, we seek the very best the genre has to offer and present it in a high quality package.

A publisher of m/m fiction, our headquarters is in Germiston, SA. We fully support authors who wish to publish with us.  Your book can be a coffee table book, romance, travel, erotica, thriller, historical, or even a novel that has a difficult fit. Feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions and submissions.


Dravens Gate Cheryl Headford 300x200 Inclination Mia Kerick 300x200
Sols Solstice E Book Cover 300x200 STARS FALL FRONT COVER 200x300

We would love to see the following:

Manuscripts with a strong M/M (male/male) element
Manuscripts with a strong F/F (female/female) element
Work that is darker in nature but reflective of the world gay men/women face.
Heartfelt romances filled with angst.
Thrillers/Paranormal/Fantasy/Crime/Adventure (all genres)
Literary works.
Complete short stories.

What you get:

A full media pack
Full Copyright
Manuscript formatted for Kindle, Epub, Mobi and PDF
Cover art
ISBN number
3D copy of your ebook.
Plus we will:

Distribute and promote to our reviewers and bloggers.

Points to Remember

We prefer work that has been edited and polished.
Before we accept any work, the manuscript will be sent to a reader for assessment.
If your work is accepted, the work will be sent to a beta reader or an editor with whom you will work until publication. This is important as we have a certain House Style Guide that our editors and beta readers follow.


Rape for titillation
Bestiality outside of the ‘shifters’ realm.

cooldudes publishing

CoolDudes Publishing: Books

Our Cool books consists of a great selection of stories from a variety of LGBT – M/ M authors, genres and reading levels.
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