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Contemporary alt-rock four-piece Neuromantics share video for powerful debut single ‘Solaris

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It’s a dilemma familiar to even the most marginally ambitious of us and one which, as frontman Daniel Pye reveals, informs the debut single by Neuromantics, a London four-piece who are fast establishing themselves as one of London’s most exciting alternative-rock acts. Set to a powerful and gritty track that manages to cross the spectrum from Dinosaur Jr to Kings of Leon with its noise-rock-style guitar melody, growling bass and stadium-sized indie beats, Daniel’s anthemic vocals tell of “notions related to self-doubt, the challenges and fears of taking risks, and finding your place in the world. The chorus lyrics point to the idea that life itself can be interpreted as a ‘show’ and it really comes down to us as individuals as to how our unique show is going to be performed.”

‘Solaris’, produced by Dax Liniere at London’s Puzzle Factory Sound Studios and mastered by Sean Diggins, is paired with a narrative video that stars the band members themselves, who, lost in a forest, are forced to interact with a variety of extraordinary individuals as they seek to find their way home. Themes of loneliness, rejection, frustration and misunderstanding are confronted in this nightmarish universe, which leads the band to question how these dream-like ventures are related to their day-to-day reality.

Will you be content to stick to safe norms and routines and deprive yourself of gaining what you truly seek in life, or will you delve further into the unknown, despite the fact you might lose what you’ve got now?Daniel Pye, Neuromantics

About Neuromantics

This is no mates-from-school cliche. If you want to hear what it sounds like when four distinct personalities from four different cultures coalesce to make some noise – then Neuromantics are your band. Descending on London from Australia, England, Portugal and Latvia respectively, Daniel (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Andrew (guitar/keyboards), Daniel (bass/vocals) and Edgars (drums), cut their teeth in a variety of bands of contrasting styles before being drawn to each other despite, as they have playfully concluded, “the only consistent thing about us is that we’re not consistent”.

In truth, their individual influences and abilities are complementary rather than conflicting, combining to create a powerful alt-rock sound driven by commanding lyrics, melodic guitar riffs and fierce rhythms. Following pulsating live shows at the capital’s pivotal venues for the up-and-coming, Neuromantics recorded an album’s worth of tracks at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios, soon to be released as ‘Crimes of Passion’. Among its tracks is first single ‘Solaris’, a statement of alternative intent if ever there was, and the sound of a band emphatically pushing in the same direction.

See Neuromantics live

Friday 9 November: Hope & Anchor, London N1


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