Coco Bevan Thrills with New Music Video For Girl Boss Anthem Bruised Ego

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Rising electro-pop artist Coco Bevan just released the ultimate post-heartbreak, confidence-boosting anthem “Bruised Ego”.

Listeners are immediately invited into the picture as the track kicks off with an attention-grabbing voice memo from the subject. As a direct response to the voice memo, “Bruised Ego” is lively, energetic and storytelling from beginning to end. Reclaiming her narrative through compelling lyricism, Coco perfectly embodies a nostalgic 2000s pop beat, electrifying guitar riffs and hard-hitting lyrics. Pulling from her own personal heartbreak experience, Coco wrote “Bruised Ego” to be unapologetic, anger-releasing, and empowering for listeners who may find themselves in a similar situation. Progressively regaining her independence as the track continues, the chorus chants, “Baby boy with your bruised ego, wake up it’s time to grow”. An infectious beat and catchy call-out lyrics have fans on their feet dancing and singing along. 

Taking inspiration from iconic 2000s pop stars such as Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Beyonce, Coco similarly channels every ounce of emotion into her music. Growing up a theater kid, she showcased her musical talents on stage through the lead roles she has portrayed, including Rizzo in Grease. Graduating with a degree in Musical Theater and having background skills in acting and dance is something Coco uses every day to advance her musical career. Discovering who she is as an independent artist, Coco found her niche in pop music after posting covers on her YouTube and social media channels. After releasing her debut single “Rebel Soul” in July, Coco is eager to reprise her role in the pop music scene with “Bruised Ego”. 

Coco’s fans look to her for energizing and empowering music, and “Bruised Ego” is the epitome of what they’re looking for. Follow Coco’s musical journey and day-to-day life on Instagram @coco.bevan

Listen to “Bruised Ego” here and watch the video below:

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