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Cocktail Rings – Your Perfect Excuse to Wear Exquisite Diamond Rings

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Irrespective of what the celebration is about, certain occasions always need an extra dose of glamour.

If you are looking to significantly boost your oomph at a really fancy party, then take a look at cocktail rings. Combined with an alluring evening gown, a coordinated cocktail ring will not only make you feel extra special but also make you the star attraction for the evening.

What Exactly Are Cocktail Rings?

Designed to draw the attention of everybody around you, cocktail rings are crafted to be larger and more attractive than the regular finger rings. These rings usually feature a really large gemstone in addition to other colorful stones. It is common to find cocktail rings to feature precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc. set in yellow gold or platinum rings with intricate metalwork. However, since the accent is on providing glitz and glamour, it is not necessary for every ring to be made with very costly components. There are many cocktail ring designs that incorporate semi-precious stones like quartz, citrine, opal, tourmaline, blue topaz, etc.

Where Do You Wear Cocktail Rings           

As a fashion movement, exquisite diamond rings in the form of cocktail rings were first seen in the 1920s, when prohibition was in force during the Art Deco age. Alcohol went underground, and the illegal booze parties that became very popular became the forum for women showing off elaborate fashion. One such experiment in the form of cocktail rings caught the fancy of all, and wearing one became a style high point. The ring got its rather unusual name from the illegal parties they would usually be worn at by women of high fashion.

Prohibition came to an end but cocktail rings remained very popular in the party circuit. These fancy rings are a great addition to a party outfit to make you look really glamorous at banquets, office parties, weddings, special dinners, engagement parties, award function, and more.

Make a Statement with Many Cocktail Ring Styles

As with any other jewelry, a cocktail ring makes a statement about you and that too in a very emphatic manner. Generally, you will need to select cocktail rings based on factors like your age, preference, occasion or season. Vintage-style rings featuring dramatic starbursts and swirls with sparkling gemstones like diamonds and emeralds are popular with older women. Younger women, who like vintage rings, would usually prefer to have a more contemporary look with more colors and unorthodox shapes and designs.

A lady’s taste and affluence also dictate the type of stones in the ring. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, etc. are popular among the wealthy while semi-precious stones that cost a lot less are preferred by those on a more modest budget. You can choose from a great variety of designs and patterns that reflect your personality.


For the fashion-conscious, there is no other ring that has a similar wow factor. With a really large variety of styles, shapes, and color to select from, an extravagant cocktail ring is a must-have.

Author bio: Mandy Bular is a jewelry design consultant associated with, a reputed jewelry boutique in Mumbai.

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  1. Alice Rose says

    Awesome cocktail rings. Diamond is my favorite. Works for me every time.

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