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Club Skirts: The Dinah’s Opening Night Certainly Didn’t Disappoint

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Women everywhere. From as far as the eye could see. Heaven, if that’s your thing and that’s who you’re into or perhaps you’re just fascinated by the strength of girl power; for me it was a combination of both.

As a bisexual woman, I was equally attracted to the phenomenal essence of these beautiful women, brave enough to be themselves, shrouded with full acceptance as I was the sublime energy of their feminine divinity.

At Zelda’s Nightclub last night, I witnessed women who loved women, expressing and pronouncing that without fear. It was obvious that these women felt comfortable and secure in their space; that they were safe from the scrutinizing eyes of society and judgmental bigotry that often confines and diminishes them.

They danced. They swayed. They gazed admiringly into each other’s eyes to the thunderous thrum of music and exemplified the full meaning of love and femininity.

It was an amazing space to occupy as a bisexual woman and as a woman in general. You didn’t have to be queer to appreciate the majesty of the moment. You just had to be human.

The opening party for the Dinah weekend definitely started off with a bang. It has left me majorly intrigued. I met and became friends with a cool group of women from Australia and a trans woman named Hayden who’s looking forward to hanging out at the White Party tonight. I’m honored. The Dinah opens up portals to self-expression and diversity. It unleashes the power of women.


Lesbian paradise at club Zelda



I saw this crew jammin’ it up. I asked if I could record them in action and they obliged. This is what happens when girl power, lesbianism and the Dinah 2015 combine.


This article was written by Shanella Mcbeth for Divine Magazine

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