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Christmas Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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There are certain things you have to have at Christmas, and a good movie is one of them. Whether you go to the theater or just stay in and curl up on the sofa, you have to watch your favorites every year. And, occasionally, there’s a good new one to try out too. If you love Christmas movies, here are some facts you might like to know.

The Highest Grossing Christmas Film

This might not surprise you, but the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time is Home Alone – and it’s followed by Home Alone 2. If you’re a Home Alone fan, you probably don’t talk about the following movies in the franchise. What Home Alone 3? Never existed.

Making a Christmas Movie Can Take a Long Time

Making a Christmas movie, especially for a Christmas release, takes careful planning. But what you might not know is that some are many years in the making before their release. The script for Elf was first kicking about in the ’90s, while 1994 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas was based on a poem Tim Burton wrote in 1982.

One of the Classics Wasn’t Released at Christmas

Miracle on 34th Street is the favorite Christmas movie for many – both the original and 1994 remake. But when it was first released in theaters, it wasn’t even Christmas – it was June 1947. What’s more, they didn’t tell anyone it was a Christmas movie. The theory was that more people went to see movies during warm weather.

The Perfect Christmas Film Probably Isn’t About Christmas

If you look at stats drawn up by Sunny, many of the best Christmas films aren’t actually about Christmas. They’re set AT Christmas, but there’s no Santa, elves or even necessarily Christmas Day. Based on this, they’ve come up with the perfect Christmas movie.

Infographic Design By Sunny

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