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Christmas Greetings from Joandisalovebooks

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Seasons Greetings to you all, may all your wishes come true this Christmas


Joandisalovebooks love Christmas time. It’s the end of the year where our Simply The Best Event takes place. We love to do Christmas giveaways for our fans. It’s always an exciting time but also the busiest time, running family life and a busy blog can be very tiring but me and Isa seem to keep each others spirits up. If one of us is having a melt down the other is ready to pick up, that’s just how we roll, LOL! We like to schedule posts over the Christmas period. We never truly forget about our blog but we do have to tell ourselves not to go on our own site, we would end up on it for hours. It’s our baby and we like to look after it well, but everyone deserves a break.

Christmas is a time for all family and friends to come together and celebrate but remember not everyone has this privilege. So if you have a neighbour who is waking up alone or know someone that won’t be with their family this Christmas, go say Merry Christmas, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to celebrating a New Year in this ever growing Social Media World.

Jo’s Christmas


Every Christmas morning, I wake to a house full of excited boys shouting ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ I lie in bed and smile listening to them running around overly excited but it’s the best feeling in the world hearing your children’s happiness.

The day goes so fast, the boys look through their red sacks that is placed at the bottom of their beds while they are sleeping. Yes, I am Mrs Claus, LOL! They show me what they got from Santa, I say WOW! and how lucky they are. Then we all come down stairs and there are piles of presents all over the living room. Within seconds they find their own pile and rip everything open. Once they have finished they then look at me because by now they know I hide their big presents, hehe!! I say come with me and then I open the kitchen door and there stands a bike or computer, whatever they ask for that year.

While the boys are busy taking their presents to their bedrooms and eager to get everything set up, me and my husband have a lovely cup of tea while clearing away all the wrapping paper.

Christmas lunch is prepared on Christmas eve, all the vegatables are cut and in pans, I just have to put the roast in the oven. I am always super organised because I like to spend time with the boys seeing how happy they are and chatting about what they are going to play with.

I love Christmas dinner, it’s the only time everyone of us in the house sit at the table together, pulling crackers, wearing silly hats and saying Merry Christmas to each other. while reading the jokes from the crackers that aren’t really all that funny but you laugh anyway.

Afternoon is a complete chill out time after a hectic morning then clearing away after dinner. Christmas movies are always on which we have probably seen a million times but yet still have to watch, well some of us do the husband is guaranteed to fall asleep especially if I choose the movie. What can I say? I am the ultimate chick flick watcher and if it’s an oldie, it’s a goodie.

By the evening once we have spoken to family on the phone wishing them all the best and we will see them on Boxing day, we just like to have a drink, maybe wine or a beer depending on what we fancy and think well that’s another Christmas over. Like I said Christmas day goes by so fast.

Jo’s Christmas Over, LOL!!

I wish everyone lots of love this Christmas and leave you with my all time favourite Christmas tune.

All I Want For Christmas is You. By Mariah Carey

Isa’s Christmas


WOW Jo, you are indeed an organised bird with your bird LOOL. My Christmas is a little different because we start celebrating from the day before, Indeed Christmas Eve is a big day of celebration in our household. We always start by first taking care of the church commitments, making sure our kids truly understand the meaning of Christmas. Then we all come back home dress to the nines and we drink Champagne or Prosecco (those who know me know I have a weakness for the drink) and we indulge in food which we normally dont consume throughout the year, nothing beats some Caviar and some Blinis with smoke salmon YUM. After filling our tummies we all collapse in the sitting room and vegeout in front of the TV with a nice Christmas Special, my favourite, Michael Buble (sigh), I can see him any day of the year but at Christmas he is my icing on the pudding.

On Christmas Day my mother in law takes care of all the cooking, generally she starts at 7 am and whilst the bird is simmering and the veggies are steaming we look at all the presents that Father Christmas brought the kids, Isn’t it amazing how a whole month of wrapping and shopping is done and dusted in 5.5 minutes! The kids then proceed to play with their new toys or watch their new videos whilst the adults stay in our PJ’s enjoying the silence. In the evening is more food indulging in that beautiful meal, crackers, jokes and games around the table. It is indeed a beautiful time of the year.

My Favourite Song Nat King Cole Chestnuts roasting in an open Fire


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  • Txs so much jo and ISA for sharing I loved Hearing how you guys spend Christmas
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you both and your families

  • Is it wrong to like my own article? LOL but its EPIC and I love Christmas, thank you to everyone who takes the time to read our columns. We love you. xx

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