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Chic Long Skirts for Women

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Long skirts are popular with women and are likely to stay. It makes them look gorgeous, chic and elegant. You should have at least one of these for wearing at a time when there is nothing better to wear. These are quite versatile and are available in various attractive designs and styles to cater for all types of bodies.

Long skirts commonly used are:

Straight type

Straight type of long skirt is most suitable for casual and also formal occasion. They give you an elegant look and are trendy. In order to give the sexier appearance, you could opt for these skirts having back or side slits that reveal a bit of leg.

 A-line Skirt

The biggest advantage of these skirts is that they suit different body types. If printed you should select neutral colored and simple blouses, and these will give you a fresh look.

 Ruffled Skirts

As the name suggests, this skirt has pretty ruffles on it. These should not be tried if you are on the heavier side as it shall bring focus on it. These embellishments work well on slim or skinny figures as they add weight to the overall figure.

Wrap Around Skirts

This type of skirts are perfect for all types of figures and can be had in a different fabric, colors, and styles and are available online at a reasonable price using a Myntra discount coupons. You will look stylish and attractive in this. Many boutiques are now designing these skirts, but you will have to make little efforts to find them.


This type of skirt fits tight around the hips and waist but flairs downwards like tail of mermaid. Darker colors are preferred for a classy look. But you have to be selective about its usage on different occasions. It can certainly be not worn for a picnic on the mountains.

 Flowing Skirt

These are very comfortable to wear because of its flowing nature. Though it is not much in use now but will gain popularity in few seasons. Whatever be your preference of long skirts, wear it only if you feel comfortable in it and not for presenting the “in” look.

Leather skirts look great on pairing with sweater and boots, as the weather gets colder. Leather certainly made the strongest statement at couture showings. If you are thinking of purchasing one item for adding to wardrobe, it should be mid-length or long tailored leather skirt.

Leather skirts are the designer wear of cold season and are visible everywhere. It is commonly worn by women who feel comfortable in it. Women wearing it display a lot of confidence. Leather skirts are very sexy and exhale sensuality. You get the feeling of being a rock star.

Tailored leather skirts are available in various attractive colors like ruby red, buttery cream and also olive green besides classic black. It is usually worn few inches above the knee, but length does not matter as much as cut and styling. In fact, more luxurious ones get sold faster.

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