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Back with his third single to date, chasing luma’s charming new single “paradise” is out now. A multi-hyphenate artist defined by introspection, chasing luma explores some of life’s most challenging and fulfilling themes via genre-bending alternative pop.

Living in a small town off the East Coast of Canada, Luke MacDonald cut his musical teeth at only 8-years-old when he picked up a guitar and discovered the virtue of songwriting. Throughout the ebb and flow of his career, Luke primarily produced dance and electronic music. Although successful in his efforts, the Gold-certified producer felt a disconnect between his life and his life’s art. Following a lengthy bout of writer’s block, Luke MacDonald looked inward to rediscover and redefine his musical path. Returning to a fundamental place of childlike passion, Luke renewed his vows to songwriting while keeping the limitless wonders of dance music in his peripheral; thus leading to his magnum opus – chasing luma. His debut single “bittersweet” was a reflection of being trapped at an emotional crossroads immersed in who you were, and who you were meant to be. The well-received genesis was celebrated by tastemakers like CLOUT, Melodic Magazine, Disrupted magazine, and more quickly followed by another breakthrough single “motions” lauded by Impose Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, and many more. As he continues unearthing the contents of his soul through his artistic calling, chasing luma steps up once again with his wavy, bass-guided new single “paradise.” A rhythmic delicacy with a tangible ebb and flow, chasing luma’s “paradise” is a memorable addition to his growing repertoire.

Speaking on the track chasing luma says, “’paradise’ is an ode to being alone. By nature, I’m a very non-confrontational person and when writing this song, I thought it would be interesting to write from the perspective of a character who is much better at dealing with the unpleasantries of ending a relationship. I co-wrote this song with my friend Ryan, and he really helped push me beyond my comfort zone to write such a bold song by my usual standards. through this process I feel like I become more like the character I created, and have since become more motivated to confront the uncomfortable truths in my life.”

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