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Charming Gems of the Croatian Coast by Alisa Mura

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Guest writer Alisa Mura writes a wonderful article today for us on The Charming Gems of the Croatian coast. Thanks to Alisa for contributing to the magazine and we hope you enjoy this post as much as we did.

With a seemingly endless coastline coupled with great weather and cities rich in history, Croatia is fast becoming an ideal tourist destination.

Visitors are flocking to its shores as they seek to rediscover its charms. The coastline is teeming with beaches and clear blue water that is hard to resist. Go inwards, and ancient architecture and a taste of cultural delights confront you. National parks are in plenty and draw in nature loves who love to hike in peaceful environments. Adventure lovers are also not left behind as plenty of sports can be enjoyed in this beautiful country. While traveling in Croatia, here are some cities that you must visit.


Situated in the northwestern part of Croatia on the Istrian Peninsula, Rovinj is an enchanting port town that is rich in history. As it rises from the sea, it is evident to see that it is one of the most beautiful port cities on the Adriatic. Densely packed houses fill the old town and form a network of narrow streets. The most famous street is Grisia where artists display their creativity in the outdoor art galleries. This road leads to the main landmark of the town, Church of St. Euphemia. Having been occupied by the Romans, the city borrows a lot from the Italian architecture which is a delight for history buffs. There are other tourist attractions such as the walls and gates that offered protection to the city. The city museum also provides a glimpse into the history of Rovinj.


This city is located on the mainland coast of Croatia between Split and Dubrovnik. The rocky heights of Mountain Biokovo back the city have proven to be ideal place for hikers and mountain bikers. Along the slopes of the mountain is the Biokovo Nature Park that will surely satisfy the demands of nature lovers. The beaches in Makarska are rich with Pinewood trees, wich combined with the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea create impressive ambiance. The visitors get a chance to peddle boats, ride jet skis and take part in other water sports. The city is full of restaurants and open air markets where tourists have a chance to experience the local cuisine in the best possible way.


This city is located in the central part of the Croatian coast right where the Krka River joins the Mediterranean Sea. The bay makes it a beautiful harbor city. The Cathedral of St. James is the city’s landmark which stands tall as an example of the magnificent architecture of its time. The St. Ane church is located on a hill in the town and offers the visitors a great view of the entire city. Another must see attraction is the Fort of Saint Nicholas, which was built in the 16th century as a defense post for Sibenik. Other attractions include; the city’s aquarium, the Krka National Park and the plenty sandy beaches and water activities.


Located 17km from the city of Split, this coastal city is a designated UNESCO Heritage Site, due to its rich history. Its main attraction is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which was built from the ground-up in the 13th century. The Cipiko Place which was home to the Trogir noble family in the 15th Century is another great sight to visit, especially for those interested in architectural wonders. The city walls and gates that offered protection to the city, which are often compared to those of Dubrovnik, are another historical attraction Trogir has to offer.


City of Porec is located on the western side of the Istrian Peninsular. Its main attraction, and a UNESCO Heritage Site, is the Euphrasia’s Basilica. The centuries-old basilica offers the visitors a chance to marvel at its beauty. If you decide to climb its tower, you will be prized with breathtaking panoramic view of the city. The Bardine caves are located just about 6km inwards and offer a great adventurous locale for nature lovers. They descend into an underground lake and are full of endemic flora and fauna. Nearby island Sveti Nikola is a must see place as well. Especially for those who are on a lookout for beautiful secluded beaches and lush green environment. Althought it is situated some 400 meters off the mainland, it can be easily reached with local boat charter of by water taxi. Whatever you choose, you’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

These cities are some of the gems that can be found on 5,835 km of Croatian coastal line. Pretty impressive for such a small country. If you decide to explore on your own, you are bound to find more interesting places and locations to soak in Mediterranean wonders of nature.

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